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Independent, free, unbiased, unattached, fair or self-employed. We are all looking for this one "independent" insurance advisor Consultant who can answer our insurance questions in a competent and unbiased way and, above all, who is willing to do so. Often there the neighbor, acquaintance or friend of many years in the insurance industry is classified as trustworthy and entrusted with the search and consultation to the own insurances. BUT: Also the neighbor, acquaintance or longtime friend wants to earn money from you! Trust is good. Control is better. A second opinion or control should therefore always be consulted.

Each year alone 9 million privately health-insured are again on the search for an independent and unprejudiced consultation to the private health insurance, if for the repeated time the notice of the contribution increase in the letter box lies and the tendency in the cellar is.

9 Effective tips for saving fuel: how to save fuel?

Start-stop systems, brake energy recovery, aerodynamic car bodies and lightweight construction: There are numerous techniques automakers are using to try to increase the efficiency of their vehicles. Compared to the past, passenger cars have become much more environmentally friendly. However, there are still major differences from model to model.

Stockheim town council decides on investments

The councillors approved in their meeting on monday a new seating for the meeting rooms in the town hall. However, it will not only be a matter of replacing the seating, but also of flooring, tables and curtains to give the halls a new shine.

According to the cost estimate of the company ASS einrichtungssysteme, stockheim for tables and seating, the costs amount to about 21,000 euros.000 euro, for the flooring and curtains is estimated at about 10.000 euro according to the cost estimate of the company werner fehn, pressig. For this, the renovation of the exterior plaster on the town hall was postponed to 2014. Thus, the meeting halls can be cleaned up this year.

Funeral service for victim in the palatinate town of weilerbach

A 78-year-old pensioner killed the two local doctors in their practice on monday, then took his own life. He was, according to the police, a gun nut suffering from persecution mania.

The autopsy revealed that the two doctors were each killed by a gunshot to the upper body. According to a police spokeswoman, the perpetrator took his own life with a shot to the head. Why he shot the two doctors, with whom he had a good relationship according to witnesses, was still unclear. According to the investigators, it will probably not be possible to find out more about the man's motive, the spokeswoman said.

Insurances belong to the today's life and are not to be excluded no more. Whether you are dealing with liability insurance, life insurance, private pension insurance or health insurance, building insurance, household contents, legal protection or motor vehicle insurance, we have usually taken out many different types of insurance, tailored to our individual needs. The more numerous the insurance companies become, the more intransparent their contract conditions become, which can cause numerous problems when the policyholder expects benefits.

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New dioxin findings in eggs cause alarm

A spokeswoman for the ministry of agriculture said in hanover on friday evening that around 100,000 eggs had come into circulation from an organic farm in the district of aurich before the closure. According to their information, these eggs were delivered to a wholesaler in north rhine-westphalia. The feed in the farms was not contaminated, said the spokeswoman.

The ministry of agriculture had informed NRW that the eggs came from a farm that had attracted attention because of high levels of dioxin-like pcbs (polychlorinated biphenyls). "Further marketing took place in NRW via discounters and food chains," a statement from dusseldorf read.

The loan despite Schufa record is an option that many people in difficult financial situations consider. However, whether it is realistic to take out a loan of 1000 euros despite negative Schufa is a question we will answer in this blog. Here you can find out which lenders are willing to accept loan applications and what risks are involved.

1. What is the Schufa?

Not everyone knows how to get a loan despite negative credit history. Many people wonder whether it is realistic to get a 1000 euro loan despite negative Schufa. Depending on the amount and type of the loan, it may be possible to obtain a loan even if you have a bad credit rating (Schufa). When applying for a loan, the bank or credit institution checks the Schufa information. This information gives an overview of the creditworthiness of the person.

Travel tips lanzarote

With these travel tips Lanzarote you will be better off on vacation. Lanzarote is on the Canary Islands one of the popular destinations of the Germans. Especially in winter, many vacationers want to escape the uncomfortable temperatures and then the Canary Island offers itself perfectly as a place of refuge. Venice enjoys a mild climate all year round, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius.

The prima facie power of attorney is a legal prima facie power of attorney, which already occupies law students in the first semesters. Because of its great relevance for examinations, we would like to introduce the prima facie power of attorney in more detail, including a definition. So you will be well prepared for the time when you actually have to deal with the prima facie case in a written exam.

Prima facie power of attorney – definition

A prima facie power of attorney exists if the represented party does not have positive knowledge of the third party's actions, but could have recognized and prevented them with due diligence and the other party could assume that the represented party tolerates and approves of the representative's actions.