5 Tips on how to properly manage your credit

When you take out a personal loan, you can easily solve your financial problems – pay urgent bills, make a necessary purchase or cover other urgent expenses. However, if you don't have experience with taking out these types of loans and budgeting in general, you will likely have some difficulty managing them. This guide is designed to help you keep everything under control if you've recently taken out a payday loan or other type of credit. Let's see what you can do to protect yourself from future financial burdens:

Divide your expenses

One of the most important steps to properly managing your credit is creating a budget. For this purpose, you should try to divide your expenses into separate categories. There might be some main categories like "groceries," "bills," "travel," "medications," etc. give. You can also add subcategories like "groceries", "fast food", "coffee and drinks" and add others.

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Reasons to want to apply for a 5500 euro loan, there are almost like sand by the sea. It's often a major purchase that won't tolerate further postponement, so you couldn't save up for months first. Or a financial bottleneck has arisen completely unexpectedly, perhaps because the car has engine damage or the washing machine has given up the ghost. Or you simply want to finally go on a well-deserved vacation so you can recover from a stressful workday!

The loan despite Schufa record is an option that many people in difficult financial situations consider. However, whether it is realistic to take out a loan of 1000 euros despite negative Schufa is a question we will answer in this blog. Here you can find out which lenders are willing to accept loan applications and what risks are involved.

1. What is the Schufa?

Not everyone knows how to get a loan despite negative credit history. Many people wonder whether it is realistic to get a 1000 euro loan despite negative Schufa. Depending on the amount and type of the loan, it may be possible to obtain a loan even if you have a bad credit rating (Schufa). When applying for a loan, the bank or credit institution checks the Schufa information. This information gives an overview of the creditworthiness of the person.

There are many myths and questions surrounding the topic of "health insurance abroad" and, unfortunately, there are always misunderstandings. A detailed overview of the topic helps to understand who should take out which form of international insurance, why and at what time.

What is international health insurance and why should I take it out??

International health insurance is the most important of all insurances when it comes to a stay abroad. It does not matter whether the stay abroad lasts only a few hours or many years. As soon as you are outside of Germany, or want to or have to resort to medical help outside of Germany, your German health insurance will no longer cover you. In order to be protected abroad, travel health insurance is essential, because only with this insurance will you be reimbursed for the costs of medical treatment.

Updated fma circulars on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing

On 23. February 2022, the FMA has published its updated circulars on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. The amendments affect all four circulars, i.e., that on due diligence, risk analysis, internal organization and reporting requirements.

flatex is an online broker that operates mainly in Germany and Austria. flatex was founded in April 2006 and has its own registered office in Kulmbach. The online broker offers investors a wide range of different tradable instruments – including currency pairs. On-exchange trading gives you access to all German and many international exchanges as well as off-exchange direct trading. But the flatex vs Trade Republic comparison showed that you can't trade cryptocurrencies at flatex.

Before you can start trading Forex at flatex, you first need an appropriate trading account, which we would like to introduce to you below.

Saving money on car insurance: saving tips for motorists

The premiums for the car insurance make up a large part of the fixed car costs. This is reason enough to regularly check how costs can be reduced. As a first step, motorists should dig out their policy, as well as their last premium bill, well in advance of the end of their policy term.

11 Credit unions in the u.s. That anyone can join

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401 (K) loan vs. Ira withdrawal

Dipping into a retirement account early is rarely an investor's Plan A. However, there may come a time when a person desperately needs money and has no other options left. In certain circumstances, drawing on a 401(k) or IRA may be the only right choice.

5 Reasons why you shouldn't take out student loans

As of 2015, 68% of students who graduated from a four-year institution had some form of student loan debt according to a recent report from the Institute for College Access and Success. Additionally, Student Loan Hero reported more than 44 million Americans collectively owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loans, which average between 3.000 and 53.000 US dollars per person. This means that the national average debt per person has continued to rise year over year and is now at an average tab of 30, according to the Institute's data.100 USD lies.