Finally comes the walkway

Finally comes the walkway

At its final meeting, the neuenmarkt town council has already placed the first rough order for the coming spring: the gunther-bau company from stadtsteinach will completely rebuild laubenstrabe from the junction with staatsstrabe to the merkel bus terminal for around 930,000 euros, including the construction of a footpath. Mayor siegfried decker (NG) had some good news for property owners: "they don't have to pay any road expansion fees. The bavarian state parliament has abolished this by law." with the strabenbaumabnahme is to be paid on 16. Work is scheduled to begin in march; completion is planned for september.

Mayor siegfried decker did not fail to mention that the budget had initially provided for around half a million euros in road expansion contributions for the decrease. Now the financing takes place completely from the general budget means of the municipality new market. Decker reported that the community will receive only a "modest lump sum allocation" for the elimination of the trench extension fee from 14 281 euro. With gunther-bau, the contract was awarded to the company that had already laid the new sewer in laubenstrabe, says decker.

Whether the existing street lighting will be replaced with 11 new LED energy-saving luminaires is still to be decided by the municipal council. Here we are talking about costs of around 26 800 euros. But the community will have empty pipes for a fiber-optic supply laid at its own expense as part of the trenching work. For mayor decker, the approach is actually incomprehensible, because it is not a task of the municipality: "we therefore support the demand of the bavarian municipal association to oblige telekom by law to provide flat-area fiber-optic expansion." background is that telekom increasingly refuses to carry out fiber optic rollouts in rural areas.

In connection with the expansion of the laubenstrabe, mayor decker also announced that a new road surface is planned next year for the KU 21 circular road in the area of the free stretch between the lake and hegnabrunn. The work is to take place from june to august, a full closure of one week will be necessary.

The planned new construction of an integrated work landscape with workshop and workshop in the "wirsberger strabe" industrial area nothing stands in the way for 2021. As mayor decker reported, the design submitted by the hogner firm from neuendettelsau complies with the stipulations of the amended development plan. The development of the building plot will be put out to tender shortly.

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