Stockheim town council decides on investments

Stockheim town council decides on investments

The councillors approved in their meeting on monday a new seating for the meeting rooms in the town hall. However, it will not only be a matter of replacing the seating, but also of flooring, tables and curtains to give the halls a new shine.

According to the cost estimate of the company ASS einrichtungssysteme, stockheim for tables and seating, the costs amount to about 21,000 euros.000 euro, for the flooring and curtains is estimated at about 10.000 euro according to the cost estimate of the company werner fehn, pressig. For this, the renovation of the exterior plaster on the town hall was postponed to 2014. Thus, the meeting halls can be cleaned up this year.

Vacation program is requested
furthermore, the youth requirement guidelines of the municipality were extended by the requirement of vacation programs, thus "a sign for family friendliness" was set. "The decisive factor for the request of 820 euros for the vacation program in 2012 was a vacation care, which is really worth seeing and which was put on the legs under the direction of the clubs", erortte burgermeister rainer detsch.

The mayor spoke of exemplary vacation care. As spokesman for the associations, gerhard ramming (chairman of the fruit and gardening association, stockheim) made it clear that the vacation program had taken on dimensions that the associations could no longer shoulder alone in this form. The committee agreed to a change in the demand guidelines, according to which each participant up to 18 years of age will receive a subsidy of two euros per day.

The annual accounts for 2011 were approved. The total budget amounted to 8.857 million euros. Without further comments, the council received the information about the planned construction of photovoltaic free-standing systems on land in the neukenroth and hablach districts.

Sacrilege to nature
during the citizens' question time, reinhold muller asked for the remains of trees and shrubs cut down by the municipality in bremersgasse to be cleared up. He thinks that this action is an outrage to nature anyway and that at least the municipality should take care of cleaning up this area, which is heavily used by walkers. The mayor wants to take up the matter. One of the next meetings will be devoted to the discussion of the planned sewerage system inspections in mostholz and buttnerszeche.

There seems to be some inconsistencies between the engineering office, the expert and the water management office, as the mayor confirmed when asked by third mayor siegfried weiberth (CSU). Joachim beez (SPD) suggested to reinstall a bench in the school bus shelter in neukenroth as well as to make a repair in the ground area in the fubganger railroad underpass north of neukenroth. CSU faction spokeswoman silvia weibbach asked about the date of the installation of the traffic light near the pharmacy, which was supposed to be installed last year already.

"Due to the onset of winter, the erection had to be postponed, we expect a date after easter", said detsch. At the request of several parents, daniel weiberth suggested moving the bus stop near the OMV filling station to a new location near the town hall. There it is much more traffic-calmed down.

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