10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

Jannik: My tip is Team Canada. While they are rather lean in goal, as they are almost every year, and because they always have to find themselves as a team first, they could weaken in the first two games. Still, past years show that the Maple Leafs are capable of excellence when representing their country.

5 Tips to equip your "technical documentation" for the worst case scenario

Time and again, customers approach us with the question: How do we best organize our CE documentation in order to be prepared in the event of damage and to have the proverbial "good papers" when dealing with a regulatory authority or in a legal dispute??

Job reference - important document in an application portfolio

The reference is a document where all the results and achievements of the candidate must be presented. This document should provide an overview of the functions an applicant has held and the professional skills he or she has mastered in the previous job. It is not a simple description of the applicant's professional and personal skills, it is a qualified testimony of a person's professional activity.

There are many myths and questions surrounding the topic of "health insurance abroad" and, unfortunately, there are always misunderstandings. A detailed overview of the topic helps to understand who should take out which form of international insurance, why and at what time.

What is international health insurance and why should I take it out??

International health insurance is the most important of all insurances when it comes to a stay abroad. It does not matter whether the stay abroad lasts only a few hours or many years. As soon as you are outside of Germany, or want to or have to resort to medical help outside of Germany, your German health insurance will no longer cover you. In order to be protected abroad, travel health insurance is essential, because only with this insurance will you be reimbursed for the costs of medical treatment.

Wildenheid dementia garden: free and yet protected

Have you ever thought about what a person with a runaway tendency thinks and feels?", asked adriana sacagiu, manager of the "phonix am muppberg" hotel in wildenheid at the inauguration of the extended dementia garden. What must it feel like to be nowhere at home, always on the run?? "Understanding all this is very important for us in dealing with our residents. Understanding, a little more quality of life, improvement of conditions, we owe it to the people", sacagiu remarked.

Restless and restless

Because people suffering from dementia have a completely different "temperament" often had to wander around restlessly and constantly experience this pressure and stress, the phonix facility in wildenheid has expanded its dementia garden. On thursday afternoon, it was opened by second mayor elke protzmann (CSU) in a joyful ceremony. Protzmann thanked for the commitment of the house to create what is needed. "You have created something that is worthy of this house and people."

You have heard a lot about Iceland and want to spend your next vacation here? Then you are exactly right on our blog. In this article you will get valuable tips for your next Iceland vacation. Furthermore, we tell you how to get to Iceland and how much time you should plan for your Iceland vacation.

This article is intended to give you an overview of Iceland and thus forms a kind of guide. We have written a separate article about Iceland's north and south. Here you will find detailed information about possible excursion destinations.

Love me tender

Macwelt wishes you a good morning! Now August is already half over. Four weeks to go, then it's back to business as usual, we're still betting on 13. September as the day of the iPhone keynote. Or is Apple pulling a fast one on us and presenting the 14 on the 14th?? They're not that big on numbers games in Cupertino, we just remember the 12. September 2012, when the special event invitation logo, just the "12" cast a shadow that looked like a "5". "It's almost there," was the slogan, alluding to the iPhone 5, whose distinctive feature was the screen that grew in length for the first time, 4 inches on the diagonal instead of 3.5 previously.

Which lawyer is the right contact when it comes to having a rating removed from Google?? How a good lawyer manages to delete a negative entry? Lawyer for Google review delete.

In the following I would like to point out what you should consider in the case of a bad evaluation on the Internet. When does it make sense to hire a lawyer to delete a Google entry??

Attention: discount on the deductible is prohibited!

If the car's windshield needs to be replaced due to a stone chip or other damage, a deductible is usually required for comprehensive insurance policyholders. The repair shop may not simply waive or discount this amount to the customer, as this makes both parties liable to prosecution!

10 Most overvalued real estate markets in the u.s

I bet that in the next three years you will see the following statement, or somethingSimilar: "No one would have seen it coming. Investors knew there was risk in equities due to continued record low interest rates, leading many investors to flee to real estate, which they viewed as a safe investment since the subprime mortgage was issued. "