Travel tips lanzarote

Travel tips lanzarote

With these travel tips Lanzarote you will be better off on vacation. Lanzarote is on the Canary Islands one of the popular destinations of the Germans. Especially in winter, many vacationers want to escape the uncomfortable temperatures and then the Canary Island offers itself perfectly as a place of refuge. Venice enjoys a mild climate all year round, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius.

But Lanzarote has much more to offer than just the pleasant weather for a beach holiday. Spectacular volcanic landscapes, a unique flora and fauna and countless outdoor activities will give you an unforgettable vacation time. In the following we give you some helpful information about the journey to Lanzarote. Because if you like to travel a little more individually and have not booked a package tour with flight and transfer through an operator, there are also other ways to explore the island.

With car and ferry to Lanzarote

If you have enough time in your luggage, you can drive to Lanzarote with your own car. To do this, first travel to the Spanish city of Cadiz or Huelva, where a ferry leaves once a week for Arrecife. However, the ferry trip alone takes almost three days, plus the trip from Germany to the south of Spain. For the return journey there are also direct ferry connections from Lanzarote to Cádiz and Huelva and it does not take quite so long, nevertheless, due to the time-consuming journey rather few vacationers choose the journey with the own car and the ferry. As a travel tip for Lanzarote the ferry trip takes normal vacationers too long.

By plane to Lanzarote

Most tourists travel comfortably and quickly by plane to Lanzarote. A direct flight from Germany to Arrecife Airport takes about four to five hours. There are regular flights from most German airports and if you look in time and are flexible regarding the travel dates, you can sometimes even get hold of very cheap tickets.

Plan the journey to the airport

If you are going to travel by air these days, you should definitely allow enough time for the procedures at the airport due to the Corona security requirements. And the trip to the airport should also be well prepared. It is advisable to drive to the airport in your own car to avoid unnecessary contacts with people on the way there. This is convenient if you have already informed yourself in advance about the parking possibilities. Then you do not have to search for a job before departure.

There are inexpensive options even at the supposedly high-pressure airports. For example, it is worthwhile to compare parking at Zurich Airport on sites such as and easy to save.

More flexible on vacation with these travel tips Lanzarote

At Arrecife airport there are buses as well as cabs available for the onward journey to your vacation apartment. With a rental car you are more comfortable on the road and you can also explore the island during your vacation on your own. At the airport you will find many of the usual car rental agencies where you can rent a vehicle of your choice, but it is advisable to book your rental car in advance in Germany. Because that way you can read all the conditions and insurance packages at your leisure and choose carefully.

Consider local conditions

To ensure that you are safe on the roads of Lanzarote, it is advisable to find out about the local conditions before you go on vacation. This includes, among other things, looking at the routes and road conditions. Do you already know what trips you want to take? Then you look at yourselves nevertheless the places at the best in advance already on the map of Lanzarote. It is also important to know the traffic rules and speed limits, as these differ in many respects from our road traffic regulations. For example, in Spain you will receive a fine if you drive from the beach to your accommodation only briefly without a shirt or in swimwear. So if you familiarize yourself a little with the most important rules, you will avoid unnecessary conflicts with the authorities and also save a lot of money.

We hope we could give you some helpful travel tips Lanzarote for your upcoming vacation. For now, we wish you a comfortable and safe journey and a restful vacation season!

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