Finally comes the walkway

At its final meeting, the neuenmarkt town council has already placed the first rough order for the coming spring: the gunther-bau company from stadtsteinach will completely rebuild laubenstrabe from the junction with staatsstrabe to the merkel bus terminal for around 930,000 euros, including the construction of a footpath. Mayor siegfried decker (NG) had some good news for property owners: "they don't have to pay any road expansion fees. The bavarian state parliament has abolished this by law." with the strabenbaumabnahme is to be paid on 16. Work is scheduled to begin in march; completion is planned for september.

Mayor siegfried decker did not fail to mention that the budget had initially provided for around half a million euros in road expansion contributions for the decrease. Now the financing takes place completely from the general budget means of the municipality new market. Decker reported that the community will receive only a "modest lump sum allocation" for the elimination of the trench extension fee from 14 281 euro. With gunther-bau, the contract was awarded to the company that had already laid the new sewer in laubenstrabe, says decker.

Wada president on coronavirus: "global emergency"

The world anti-doping agency wants to protect clean athletes as best it can despite the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, the wada has adapted its guidelines to the exceptional situation, the agency announced.

"Wada will continue to work with anti-doping organizations to provide guidance and support to ensure that the integrity of the anti-doping system is maintained as far as possible," said wada president witold banka. "It will be crucial that the system can regain its full capacity as soon as possible once the restrictions are lifted."

5 Tips on how to properly manage your credit

When you take out a personal loan, you can easily solve your financial problems – pay urgent bills, make a necessary purchase or cover other urgent expenses. However, if you don't have experience with taking out these types of loans and budgeting in general, you will likely have some difficulty managing them. This guide is designed to help you keep everything under control if you've recently taken out a payday loan or other type of credit. Let's see what you can do to protect yourself from future financial burdens:

Divide your expenses

One of the most important steps to properly managing your credit is creating a budget. For this purpose, you should try to divide your expenses into separate categories. There might be some main categories like "groceries," "bills," "travel," "medications," etc. give. You can also add subcategories like "groceries", "fast food", "coffee and drinks" and add others.

If this is your first time in the Dubai desert, keep these basic tips in mind for your visit.

9 Tips to visit the dubai desert

In Germany, around 0.2 percent of the population is licensed to practice law. Despite strict regulations, lawyers and defense attorneys are not in short supply in the Federal Republic of Germany. According to current information from the German Federal Bar Association, the number of lawyers admitted to the bar has been rising steadily since 1960. Round 165.000 lawyers were registered in Germany in 2021. Now subdivide into different professional groups, such as criminal defense lawyers and defense attorneys. However, the difference between them is hard to determine for laypersons.

Attorney, criminal defense attorney and defense attorney - is there a difference?

The inability of employees to work is an issue of constant concern. Because, of course, employees get sick once in a while and can't show up at work. But what are reasons for sick leave, when do employees need to see a doctor and – probably the most important question – do they still get paid?

Incapacity for work: tips for employees

10 Unsolved spring break murders and disappearances

Every March and April, dozens of cities in the southern part of North America are flooded with students. Excited to take a break from learning, they fill their days with beaches, bikinis and booze. Tragically, some of these young people also fall victim to murders and mysterious disappearances.

Rebensburg down early in parallel giant slalom

Rebensburg had no chance against swiss wendy holdener, dorsch lost narrowly to swedish sara hector. Lena durr had already missed out on a place among the best 32 in the morning qualification and was eliminated.

"That was cool, a different experience for a change," said rebensburg on zdf. "I would have liked to be a little faster and go a few rounds further. But it was not easy."

Warning letter of the tenant: form, content and free sample

Loud parties, late rent payments, or an unauthorized subtenant: No matter how careful you are as a landlord when choosing a tenant, it is not uncommon for the supposed model tenant to attract attention after a while due to disruptive behavior and breaches of duty. If it has come to this, you can issue a warning letter. In simple terms, this is the yellow card in tenancy law: If the behavior in breach of contract continues despite a warning, you can terminate the tenant's lease without notice.

The future of the steigerwald

A "future conference" will be held on 28. September the "local action group sudlicher steigerwald" (LAG). The event will take place from 10 a.M. To probably 4 p.M. At the hotel strohofer in geiselwind. Both members and all interested citizens were invited to attend.

The local action group is a non-profit association of 14 municipalities, regional associations and numerous burghers. The association sees its main task in the sustainable development of the southern steigerwald region. On 28. On september 28, the future of the region, but also of the LAG itself, is to be considered and discussed together.