10 Most popular excuses why bill are still open

Outstanding payments are a serious problem for entrepreneurs. Often the materials or wages of employees were pre-funded. If bills are not paid when due, the company's liquidity suffers as a result of late payments.

After a written or verbal reminder, business owners are always presented with excuses as to why the bill hasn't been paid yet. In the following we would like to present you our hit list of the best excuses and how you as an entrepreneur can deal with them. Be sure to read how to write a reminder correctly!

1. I have nevertheless yesterdayuberwiesen.

The excuse most often used by customers, followed by: "Is the money not yet in your account??“

Tip: Have the remittance slip or printed online remittance faxed to you. In 99% of the cases the excuse is uncovered immediately in this way.

2. 'I thought I gave you a direct debit authorization'.

How to pass the buck back from the customer to the entrepreneur. What the client sees as a clever excuse, you as a business owner can immediately put to work for you.

Tip: Have this customer sign a direct debit authorization immediately. You can then immediately debit all the following bills and then no longer have to run after your money.

3. Sorry, I was in the hospital.

Every 3. Customer has already tried this excuse, here is to appeal directly to the compassion of the entrepreneur.

Tip: Congratulate your customer on his recovery and let him know that you expect to receive the money within 3 days.

Read also, how one sets up a letter of apology really correctly!

4. I thought my husband/wife had already taken care of it.

The craftsman never does his own bookkeeping, but always his wife or sister, etc.

Tip: In case of late payment, do not talk to the craftsman, but to the strong person behind it. Here's how you can usually get your money faster.

5. I paid the bill – via Internet banking. There must have been a computer error.

Everything gets blamed on that darn PC that never does what it's supposed to do.

Tip: Advise your client to hire someone who knows how to do this.

6. Give me your bank details again, there must be a mistake in the numbers.

A very popular excuse, the customer seemingly admits a mistake and the admonishing business owner is reassured for now.

Tip: You need to stay consistent here and follow up again after four days at the latest.

7. My tax accountant does all this and he has disappeared without a trace.

You can only counter this excuse with humor.

Tip: Give your customer the invoice data and bank details on a completed remittance slip and with the note: as long as your tax advisor is on vacation, why don't you take the remittance to your bank yourself for once?.

8. A bill from you? None arrived with us. From when to?

This is one of the excuses, which is so really transparently swindled. But as a business owner you unfortunately have to react and send the bill again.

Tip: Ask after two days whether the customer has now received the invoice and when you can expect to receive payment.

9. The check is in the mail

This excuse is not used as often now, but is still popular with many customers.

Tip: At most, insurance companies pay by check these days. Let it come through in conversation that you saw through this excuse immediately.

10. My customer hasn't paid yet, so I can't pay either.

To what extent this statement can be classified as an excuse, you can notverify. But here you need to be careful and act quickly.

Tip: In this case, consistently demand immediate payment. If possible, arrange with such customers for payment in advance for subsequent orders. If the customer is threatened with insolvency, you are then on the safe side.


The only thing that helps against delinquent customers and your creative excuses is consistent follow-through. Companies that dun most often and don't give the customer a break, experience shows, get their money first. We have also compiled the biggest lies and excuses of entrepreneurs in general, does there also sound familiar to you? ;-)

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