If this is your first time in the Dubai desert, keep these basic tips in mind for your visit.

9 Tips to visit the dubai desert

The inability of employees to work is an issue of constant concern. Because, of course, employees get sick once in a while and can't show up at work. But what are reasons for sick leave, when do employees need to see a doctor and – probably the most important question – do they still get paid?

Incapacity for work: tips for employees

Independent, free, unbiased, unattached, fair or self-employed. We are all looking for this one "independent" insurance advisor Consultant who can answer our insurance questions in a competent and unbiased way and, above all, who is willing to do so. Often there the neighbor, acquaintance or friend of many years in the insurance industry is classified as trustworthy and entrusted with the search and consultation to the own insurances. BUT: Also the neighbor, acquaintance or longtime friend wants to earn money from you! Trust is good. Control is better. A second opinion or control should therefore always be consulted.

Each year alone 9 million privately health-insured are again on the search for an independent and unprejudiced consultation to the private health insurance, if for the repeated time the notice of the contribution increase in the letter box lies and the tendency in the cellar is.

Insurances belong to the today's life and are not to be excluded no more. Whether you are dealing with liability insurance, life insurance, private pension insurance or health insurance, building insurance, household contents, legal protection or motor vehicle insurance, we have usually taken out many different types of insurance, tailored to our individual needs. The more numerous the insurance companies become, the more intransparent their contract conditions become, which can cause numerous problems when the policyholder expects benefits.

Our specialist lawyer for insurance law examines your insurance conditions and is available for consultation. We also represent your rights in court if the insurance company prohibits the promised benefits. We want to protect your rights and enforce your claims!

Travel tips lanzarote

With these travel tips Lanzarote you will be better off on vacation. Lanzarote is on the Canary Islands one of the popular destinations of the Germans. Especially in winter, many vacationers want to escape the uncomfortable temperatures and then the Canary Island offers itself perfectly as a place of refuge. Venice enjoys a mild climate all year round, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius.

You have heard a lot about Iceland and want to spend your next vacation here? Then you are exactly right on our blog. In this article you will get valuable tips for your next Iceland vacation. Furthermore, we tell you how to get to Iceland and how much time you should plan for your Iceland vacation.

This article is intended to give you an overview of Iceland and thus forms a kind of guide. We have written a separate article about Iceland's north and south. Here you will find detailed information about possible excursion destinations.

Attention: discount on the deductible is prohibited!

If the car's windshield needs to be replaced due to a stone chip or other damage, a deductible is usually required for comprehensive insurance policyholders. The repair shop may not simply waive or discount this amount to the customer, as this makes both parties liable to prosecution!

Procedure and duration of divorce by mutual consent

A divorce by mutual consent is decided by the family court in the same way as a contested divorce: the family court also ends the marriage in this case by a court order, no longer by a divorce decree as was the case a few years ago.

You have questions or a problem with a fine or an administrative offense? The defense and representation in administrative fine proceedings is also a focus of the Lamster& law firm Partner in Freiburg. Attorney Jan Kuhlicke is a specialist attorney for traffic law and thus a proven specialist in this field.

It can happen quickly that a penalty notice is issued for a traffic offence. For example, because the permissible speed limit was exceeded, a distance was undercut, or a red light violation was committed. It is not uncommon that you will be fined and even banned from driving.

Alcohol and cycling

For motor vehicles, a so-called danger limit of 0.5 per mille applies, commonly known as the so-called per mille limit. From this blood alcohol level onwards, it is likely that a driver is no longer capable of driving his or her vehicle in a roadworthy manner.