10 Unsolved spring break murders and disappearances

Every March and April, dozens of cities in the southern part of North America are flooded with students. Excited to take a break from learning, they fill their days with beaches, bikinis and booze. Tragically, some of these young people also fall victim to murders and mysterious disappearances.

9 Effective tips for saving fuel: how to save fuel?

Start-stop systems, brake energy recovery, aerodynamic car bodies and lightweight construction: There are numerous techniques automakers are using to try to increase the efficiency of their vehicles. Compared to the past, passenger cars have become much more environmentally friendly. However, there are still major differences from model to model.

5 Tips to equip your "technical documentation" for the worst case scenario

Time and again, customers approach us with the question: How do we best organize our CE documentation in order to be prepared in the event of damage and to have the proverbial "good papers" when dealing with a regulatory authority or in a legal dispute??

Love me tender

Macwelt wishes you a good morning! Now August is already half over. Four weeks to go, then it's back to business as usual, we're still betting on 13. September as the day of the iPhone keynote. Or is Apple pulling a fast one on us and presenting the 14 on the 14th?? They're not that big on numbers games in Cupertino, we just remember the 12. September 2012, when the special event invitation logo, just the "12" cast a shadow that looked like a "5". "It's almost there," was the slogan, alluding to the iPhone 5, whose distinctive feature was the screen that grew in length for the first time, 4 inches on the diagonal instead of 3.5 previously.

Mass genetic testing in the claudia ruf case: reaction "overwhelming

In the first phase of the mass gene test in the claudia ruf murder case, around 95 percent of the men contacted provided a saliva sample. 945 men had volunteered for the test by sunday evening.

Bonn police chief ursula brohl-sowa spoke of an overwhelming result in grevenbroich on sunday.

As a founder, you probably know this: There are hundreds of good tips and advice on how to convince investors of your business idea and get an investment. However, our guest author and coach from the Hohle der Lowen, Felix Thonnessen, presents you today with his ultimate 5 tips that will definitely not get you funding. Ready? Well then go ahead.

#1 Definitely tell the investor only half the truth

I was recently asked the following question in a radio interview: How often do deals with investors happen? Of course ALWAYS! Well, okay, almost never, but that's not because the sums or the money are so small. the deals were not fair, but that the startups hid something from the investors. That is why it sometimes happens that an investor withdraws his offer.

Recognition of degrees and diplomas in france: regulated and non-regulated professions

You have chosen to live and work in France: soyez la bienvenue! Do you also have the appropriate diploma for the desired profession in France in your pocket? In this practical tip, we explain how professional and academic mobility within the EU is regulated. How to get your German degree recognized in France. And why it matters if your profession is regulated or not in France.

Many people think the only way to cut energy costs is to make costly renovations. However, this is not always the case. One area where you can often save money is in the preparation of hot water. Because water heating can account for a significant portion of your energy bill. There are several ways to reduce your water heating costs.

According to current statistics, the average person uses about 30-45 liters of hot water per day. This amount can add up quickly over the course of a year, especially for families. A family of three, for example, can easily save 38 in a year.Use 300 liters of hot water. That's enough to fill more than 250 bathtubs.

9 Surprising tricks to hold your urine a little longer when there's no bathroom in sight

Crossing your legs can help you fight the urge to pee, at least temporarily.

Get on the water: transport a stand-up paddle board by car

It depends: Pumped up or not

To safely transport board and paddle to the sea or to the nearest lake by car, different methods are suitable. If you own an inflatable SUP board, this can be stowed in the packing completely comfortably in the trunk or the back bench. But even when pumped up, it is possible to get the board from A to B quite practically.