In Germany, around 0.2 percent of the population is licensed to practice law. Despite strict regulations, lawyers and defense attorneys are not in short supply in the Federal Republic of Germany. According to current information from the German Federal Bar Association, the number of lawyers admitted to the bar has been rising steadily since 1960. Round 165.000 lawyers were registered in Germany in 2021. Now subdivide into different professional groups, such as criminal defense lawyers and defense attorneys. However, the difference between them is hard to determine for laypersons.

Attorney, criminal defense attorney and defense attorney - is there a difference?

Warning letter of the tenant: form, content and free sample

Loud parties, late rent payments, or an unauthorized subtenant: No matter how careful you are as a landlord when choosing a tenant, it is not uncommon for the supposed model tenant to attract attention after a while due to disruptive behavior and breaches of duty. If it has come to this, you can issue a warning letter. In simple terms, this is the yellow card in tenancy law: If the behavior in breach of contract continues despite a warning, you can terminate the tenant's lease without notice.

The prima facie power of attorney is a legal prima facie power of attorney, which already occupies law students in the first semesters. Because of its great relevance for examinations, we would like to introduce the prima facie power of attorney in more detail, including a definition. So you will be well prepared for the time when you actually have to deal with the prima facie case in a written exam.

Prima facie power of attorney – definition

A prima facie power of attorney exists if the represented party does not have positive knowledge of the third party's actions, but could have recognized and prevented them with due diligence and the other party could assume that the represented party tolerates and approves of the representative's actions.

Which lawyer is the right contact when it comes to having a rating removed from Google?? How a good lawyer manages to delete a negative entry? Lawyer for Google review delete.

In the following I would like to point out what you should consider in the case of a bad evaluation on the Internet. When does it make sense to hire a lawyer to delete a Google entry??

At least once a year, according to § 24 para. 1 Wohnungseigentumsgesetz (WEG) an owners' meeting (ETV) takes place. No specific date is set, but since the UTP is usually convened when the previous year's accounts are finalized, it rarely takes place directly in the first quarter.

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5 Compelling reasons to adopt a furry friend in cuenca, ecuador

One morning last year, on my way home from the pharmacy, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to surprise my husband Ken with a visit to his workshop in our new adopted home of Cuenca. When I arrived, I saw black fur in the overgrown grass in front of his store, and with a soft cry, the adorable little puppy jumped up to greet me, and immediately rolled to my feet to pet his belly. With cries of joy (from the dog and me) the surprise element of my visit was abandoned when I picked up the small piece of lint and carried it inside. Within about two minutes I had already named her Sally, from the Spanish " Hotdog " (meaning "sausage"), her absurdly long body and short legs suggesting some kind of dachshund.

Ways part – that is quite normal. In professional life, this ideally coincides with a severance package. It sweetens the dismissal for the employer when he should go, but does not have to. However, the road to payment can be rocky. Find out if you're entitled to a settlement and how much it might be in this guide to the subject.

Basic information about the settlement

Severance pay is a one-time payment that the employee receives in the event of a dismissal. It is usually due upon termination of employment – as compensation for the loss of the source of income.

Divorce - all about divorce in austria

Marriage should be a beautiful and reliable union for life. But there is no guarantee. In many cases there are insurmountable difficulties, and no way back. Then there is only one solution: divorce. What you should pay attention to, what matters, and how this process works, describes this article and can help here the information platform Divorce

In principle, a blood alcohol limit of 0.5 per mille applies in German road traffic. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below the limit, in most cases you will not face any consequences during a traffic control. But what rules generally apply to drinking and driving?

The BAC value of 0.5 does not apply to all drivers on Germany's roads. Both for novice drivers in the probationary period and for drivers who have not yet reached the age of 21. If the driver has not yet reached the age of 18, the zero alcohol limit applies. Likewise, all drivers who make mistakes while driving that are attributable to alcohol consumption will face sanctions. We at the law firm Scheerer& Maly from Stuttgart advise you in a personal conversation gladly in detail to the legal situation.

Yves Junker is your drunk driving lawyer. You were stopped by the police and had alcohol in your blood? Then you should contact us as soon as possible.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is regulated in § 316 StGB (Criminal Code). The offence is driving a vehicle in (public road) traffic. The driver must be unsafe to drive. And this is due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages (or other intoxicating substances).