Funeral service for victim in the palatinate town of weilerbach

Funeral service for victim in the palatinate town of weilerbach

A 78-year-old pensioner killed the two local doctors in their practice on monday, then took his own life. He was, according to the police, a gun nut suffering from persecution mania.

The autopsy revealed that the two doctors were each killed by a gunshot to the upper body. According to a police spokeswoman, the perpetrator took his own life with a shot to the head. Why he shot the two doctors, with whom he had a good relationship according to witnesses, was still unclear. According to the investigators, it will probably not be possible to find out more about the man's motive, the spokeswoman said.

The officers also had little hope of clarifying the origin of the weapons discovered in the man's house. The spokeswoman said that the weapons in question were old, some of them dating from the world war, and had been in the possession of the man for a long time. Besides the murder weapon, five other pistols and long guns were found in the house of the single man.

According to the police, the perpetrator had accused his neighbors of attacking him with rays. That's why he went to the local court in kaiserslautern and called the police shortly before the crime was committed. The social psychiatric service of the kaiserslautern district then made a home visit to the man, but found nothing unusual about him. The pensioner had obtained the weapons illegally, according to the police he had no gun license and no possession cards for them.

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