Alcohol and e-bikes – where is the blood alcohol limit??

Alcohol and e-bikes - where is the blood alcohol limit??

Finally it is Friday. Now quickly slip into new clothes and off you go to your friends. You don't live too far away, so riding an e-bike is a good option for you. Hardly arrived, it goes already into the garden and all sit together and drink a beer. The sociable round talks animatedly. There it can become already once a few more beers.

After a few hours there is a glance at the clock: now it is time to go home.

  • However, driving a pedelec or. E-bikes with a certain alcohol level under the StVG allowed at all?
  • Is there a per mille limit for the e-bike?
  • What does the traffic law provide in case of non-observance of the rules?
  • Are there any penalties or fines or is driving an e-bike not equivalent to a misdemeanor?

If you search the Internet for useful information on the subject of "blood-alcohol limit for e-bikes", you will often come across different types of information, some of which overlap and some of which complement each other. What is allowed and what is prohibited? In the following article e-bike drivers get the answer to the question about the alcohol limit in connection with the electric bike.

A small tip to start with: In the best case, drive completely sober so as not to endanger yourself or other road users. Now we move on to the Road Traffic Act…

These alcohol limits apply to e-bikes and pedelecs

The e-bike is available in different versions. One of the most popular is the e-bike with an auxiliary drive at up to 25 km/h (pedelec). Strictly speaking, such an electric bike is still considered a bicycle. The situation is different if the engine power supports the driver even when reaching a speed of over 25 km/h. In this case the e-bike is to be classified as a motor vehicle.

The blood alcohol limit is therefore directly dependent on the design of the respective model.

Bicycles and e-bikes in the lower power range are subject to a blood alcohol limit of 1.6 per mille . Whoever reaches or exceeds this value commits a criminal offense and must expect points in Flensburg or even the suspension of the driver's license. However, if the blood alcohol level is already at least 0.3 per mille and an accident occurs, then a fine is to be expected. It is not uncommon for a medical psychological examination (MPU) to be required.

E-bikes (S-pedelecs) with a starting aid at a speed of at least 45 km/h fall into the category of compulsorily insured motor vehicles. They require a license plate and the legal situation is also based on that of classic motor vehicles.

If the driver reaches a blood alcohol level of 0.5, then the offense belongs to the group of misdemeanors. If the value is higher, namely at least 1.1 per mille, the driver is to be classified as unfit to drive. The judgments are individual and range from a fine to a driving ban to a suspension of the driver's license.

Alcohol and e-bikes - where is the blood alcohol limit??

How much is the fine?

The fine depends also here on the kind of the vehicle. As soon as the value of 0.5 per mille is reached, considerable restrictions on the ability to drive are to be expected. Drunk drivers have difficulties to estimate the vehicle speed and to remain attentive. They turn the steering wheel hastily in the wrong direction, disregard traffic signs and expose themselves and other people to enormous dangers.

Therefore, every road user should think about and speak out against drinking and driving. By the way: Pedestrians also have limits and must not participate in road traffic in a drunken state. If they still participate in traffic, they must also expect a penalty and this also applies to e-bike and pedelec riders. Penalties are based on the blood alcohol level and whether an accident occurred as a result of drinking.

With a per mille value of 0.5, a fine of 500 euros is to be expected. This value may vary and is to be understood as a minimum fine. With a higher per mille value, e-bike riders face higher fines.

In case of doubt, a lawyer – and in this context a specialist lawyer – should be consulted. It provides legally binding information on the alcohol limit and assists in criminal proceedings.

When does the insurance pay?

Every day brings new traffic situations. There it can come fast times to a rear-end collision or to other unpleasant incidents. In this situation everyone wants insurance. Drivers always have insurance and protect themselves from high costs. Who just experienced an accident, is anyway under protection. Then he does not want to have to worry about insurance matters or ask questions about the amount of costs caused by the damage.

Some believe that there is no insurance for e-bike and pedelec riders. However, this is not true. In the event of damage, the private liability in connection with accidents on the e-bike or pedelec occurs. Some have concluded their contract a few years ago. At that time, e-bikes or pedelecs did not yet exist. In this case it is important to have the insurance company confirm that it will cover pedelec and e-bike accidents in the event of a claim.

But insurance does not compensate for everything. If alcohol was consumed and the driver nevertheless decides to ride the e-bike or pedelec, then this is usually a matter for private liability – even though driving while intoxicated is grossly negligent.

There is nevertheless one exception: if an accident occurs under the influence of alcohol and it was caused intentionally, then private liability does not apply. In the best case, no one drives while drunk. Often people overestimate their abilities under the influence of alcohol.

So: No alcohol at the handlebar!

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