Love me tender

Love me tender

Macwelt wishes you a good morning! Now August is already half over. Four weeks to go, then it's back to business as usual, we're still betting on 13. September as the day of the iPhone keynote. Or is Apple pulling a fast one on us and presenting the 14 on the 14th?? They're not that big on numbers games in Cupertino, we just remember the 12. September 2012, when the special event invitation logo, just the "12" cast a shadow that looked like a "5". "It's almost there," was the slogan, alluding to the iPhone 5, whose distinctive feature was the screen that grew in length for the first time, 4 inches on the diagonal instead of 3.5 previously.

It's almost there, that now applies to the iPhone 14 with its four variants. Getting bigger on average as Apple discontinues the Mini and puts a large 14 next to the regular one. But what the motto will be this year? "The bigger, the better?"No, such platitudes are not to be expected from Apple. We're just afraid that in the quarter of an hour before the actual show starts, there'll be some weird electro in the stream that even Shazam doesn't know.

Yet we'd love to hear Elvis on opening night, yes, Apple actually used to have that , as well as trade show openings on 8. January, the birthday of the King. Today, meanwhile, is the 45th anniversary of its death: on 16. August 1977 the King of Rock'n'Roll, Elvis Presley, passed away in Memphis, Tennessee. Before his temporary son-in-law Michael Jackson passed away nearly 32 years after, Elvis was the musician who made the most money posthumously, through new releases and reissues. Sure, his music is timeless, you can't blame the King for that. Besides, what does posthumously mean? Popular conspiracy theories have it that he didn't die at all, but just went home, as the "Men in Black" say. Douglas Adams also saw the King still alive on another planet, in his last work before his sudden death "Once Rupert and Back" (the original title is better: "Mostly Harmless"), Elvis was a sandwich maker somewhere far out in the galaxy. Only Siri takes a more sober view these days. The Easter Egg, in which Apple's digital assistant said Elvis was last seen in Las Vegas and in several places at once, has given way to the brittle but factually correct answer "I believe in Memphis, Tennessee".

Reading tips for Tuesday

Risk: Apple prepares to launch iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, all signs point to 13. September as the date for the keynote towards. Apparently, Apple expects demand to remain high, but iPhone 14 poses some risks, which Michael Simon at Macworld looks at in more detail. For one thing, prices could rise significantly, and for another, the differences between the regular models and the iPhones Pro will be more pronounced than before, possibly also in terms of looks. All in all, the design is like that of the iPhones 12, whose owners may not yet feel compelled to upgrade, especially since they will have to wait a while for a better optical zoom.

Unusual: Apple now displays ads in some of its apps, including the News app, which is not available in Germany. He said it doesn't matter if you subscribe to News+ or just use the free aggregator. Apple also doesn't need to provide its own apps with the Ad Tracking Transparency popup, as they don't need third-party data to deliver tailored ads, information about users Apple pulls from Apple ID. This can be turned off, the ads won't disappear, but they will be a bit more general and not personalized. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suspects Apple will soon extend ads to app like Maps the Bookstore and podcasts.

Gap: Security researcher Thijs Alkemade of Computestreminds has discovered a nasty vulnerability in macOS that can be exploited to gain complete access to the system. The way to go is through the system's Saved State, where the Mac notes which applications were running and which documents were open during the shutdown, in order to restore the system's state after the restart. The good news: Apple has long since fixed the gap with updates for macOS Monterey and macOS Catalina, and Apple has a comparable gap with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 closed.

Early start: we wouldn't have expected a new base iPad until October, Digitimes now reports mass production for a new model has already begun so it can be unveiled in September. The tenth-generation iPad comes with some significant design changes, with the screen diagonal growing to 10.5 inches thanks to thinner bezels, the case becoming slightly more angular and flat, the rear-facing camera standing out. USB-C will replace Lightning, but Touch ID will remain in a home button. Large-scale power cuts in Sichuan province, enacted due to severe drought, may have halted production, however, the paper further reports.

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