Lawyer for google review delete!

Which lawyer is the right contact when it comes to having a rating removed from Google?? How a good lawyer manages to delete a negative entry? Lawyer for Google review delete.

In the following I would like to point out what you should consider in the case of a bad evaluation on the Internet. When does it make sense to hire a lawyer to delete a Google entry??

If you need my support in a current case, you can send me the rating and your description of the facts by e-mail without obligation. I will get back to you with a free initial assessment!

Effects of a negative review on Google and other platforms!

Consumers always look first at the reviews of a product, a service or a company on the Internet – and to a large extent on Google and other relevant review platforms.

A bad entry there can have an immense effect on the development of your company. Here it should be distinguished whether your Google profile is already "populated" with good evaluations, or whether the negative evaluation represents the only expression.

If you already have some or even many positive entries, a single negative entry may not hurt you that much. Here, too, illegal ratings should never be accepted, not even in individual cases! For this, please contact a specialized lawyer).

Lawyer for Google rating delete: The average decides

However, if you have no or hardly any reviews and are then met with a negative review, this changes the average star rating of your Google profile enormously. The external appearance probably immediately suffers noticeably from the changed profile.

A bad Google profile does not make a good impression on potential clients, because Google is currently, and has been for many years, the number one place to go. 1 for information of any kind about companies, products or services.

So if you don't make an effort to have a reasonable Google profile, you don't seem to care much about customer satisfaction. At least that is what the potential client thinks.

Legal assessment of a review – what is allowed, what can be deleted?

It does not always need a lawyer to determine whether a review on Google is illegal and thus basically amenable to deletion.

Even without a lawyer, in many cases you can find out for yourself to what extent you have to accept a rating or not. I give here some valuable Tipps for your handling with negative entries in the Internet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If the rating contains insults?

Then it is illegal according to the current legal situation, and moreover also violates the Google guidelines.

So you can have such entries deleted without this being a big problem. Occasionally, however, rating platforms may resist this, as their business model is based on receiving as many ratings as possible and leaving them there.

In an emergency, a lawyer will have to do the deleting for you.

Lawyer for Google Delete Rating: If the rating contains personal data?

In my consulting practice, I often find that reviews by angry or frustrated customers often contain personal data of the rated company.

Sometimes the first and last names of employees, bosses or customer service staff are mentioned and thus published on Google. This, however, without the consent of the person concerned. In many cases this leads to an illegality of the rating, which a lawyer can then have deleted for you.

In the case of data protection problems in reviews, it is advisable to contact a lawyer to at least coordinate the course of action.

If the rating contains untrue statements of fact?

The most frequent cases in which I am contacted as a lawyer concern negative entries on Google, which simply contain false facts.

For example, a client was accused of not offering customer service, which was factually incorrect. So "scan" the negative evaluation to see whether facts are misrepresented or distorted and named. This is always a good, legal starting point to delete a rating on Google.

In obvious cases you do not even need a lawyer, but can enforce the removal yourself. However, if the assessment platform is uncooperative, a specialized lawyer must take over the matter.

Which lawyer is "right for the job"?

There are many lawyers. Therefore, it is not always easy for those affected by a legal problem to determine which lawyer would now be the best contact for their own legal problem.

Basically, it can be said on the subject of deleting a Google rating by a lawyer that this is part of reputational law.

This involves personal rights (of natural persons, but also of legal entities), as well as criminal law implications (insults, defamation), and in some cases also data protection law case constellations (personal data in a rating).

IT law and personal rights as the main focus!

A lawyer should therefore be specialized at least in the legal fields of personal rights, criminal law and data protection law. However, not every lawyer is "on the road" in these areas. In addition to the professional focus, make sure that the lawyer in question has relevant experience in deleting reviews.

Because pure theoretical knowledge does not prove that good solutions can be found in practice. Lawyer for Google review delete needs competence.

My recommendation is to contact a lawyer specialized in IT law. This is already specialized by its technical adjustment in case constellations, which take place in the Internet and approximately around the information technology.

However, it must be said that not every specialist lawyer for IT law also has the knowledge of personality law, or rather reputation law, to successfully have a Google rating deleted.

Attorney Thomas Feil, specialist attorney for IT law, helps you to delete a Google rating!

Lawyer for Google review deletion. My law firm specializes in helping clients nationwide defend themselves against unlawful reviews on all relevant portals.

First of all, I always listen to the case free of charge in order to give you a non-binding initial estimate. Only on this basis does the potential client then decide whether to instruct me to delete the evaluation.

I will also tell you quite openly what the commissioning would cost in concrete terms. There are no "surprises" for clients in terms of unexpected invoices and invoice amounts .

I will gladly listen to your case and get back to you immediately with an initial assessment.

FAQ Lawyer for Google Delete Rating

How lawyers delete Google reviews?

Ratings can be challenged and removed if they are insulting, claim false facts or have no content. The jurisdiction has meanwhile well marked out the framework, when an evaluation is to be deleted.

What does it cost to have a Google rating deleted??

Before I quote you a price, I look at the valuation as part of a free initial assessment. The fee depends, among other things, on whether it is about one review or several reviews and what textual volume the reviews have.

Can you take legal action against Google reviews?

Yes, the question can be answered clearly. The only exception: If the evaluation contains only pure expressions of opinion, it cannot be challenged. In the context of a free initial assessment, I also check whether action should be taken not only against Google, but also against the person making the assessment themselves.

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