Barbados has long been called the land of the flying fish, not only because the waters around the island are inhabited by flying fish, but also because it is the national dish. It might as well be called the land of pink beaches when its fragrant, powdery soft sand glows in the setting sun. Sparkling turquoise waters, lush flowering gardens, a dazzling nightlife and a deeply rooted island heritage characterize this little piece of paradise – the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles. From its UNESCO World Heritage capital to its fascinatingly beautiful east coast to its rich cultural ambience, Barbados is a wonderful vacation destination. Photo: slides

Harrison's cave

25 Best things to do in barbados

"By what percentage can I reduce my rent??"Probably hardly a question is asked so frequently to the legal advisors of the citizen of Berlin tenant association. The right to a rent reduction is generally known and very popular. On the one hand, because it is not understandable that one should pay the full rent for a reduced housing value. On the other hand, because many people believe that there is no other means of exerting pressure to get the landlord to remedy the defect. However, in view of increasingly restrictive case law, tenant advisors advise a cautious approach to rent reductions. This understandably leads to frustration among tenants – after all, you can read everywhere that there is a right to a rent reduction in the case of mold, noise and other defects.

Attention: stumbling block - what you should know about rent reduction

Whether you're looking for a nature experience in a fascinating setting, great museums and cultural attractions, or the opportunity to explore America's Wild West legacy, you'll find it all in South Dakota. You can see some impressive rock formations in Badlands National Park, enjoy natural hot springs, visit Mount Rushmore or visit museums and art galleries in Sioux Falls. Here are the best places to visit in South Dakota. 

Mount Rushmore National Monument

25 Of the best places to visit in south dakota

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WOW gives an Italo western icon a comeback, and at Paramount+ climate hacktivists challenge politics. To see what streaming highlights the coming week has in store, check out this overview.