5 Things about which a future dog owner should inform himself in advance

The number of pet owners with at least one dog is increasing every year in the country. This is not without reason, after all, dogs are considered man's best friend. But the acquisition should be well thought out. After all, you are taking responsibility for a living creature that will live with you for up to 18 years.

Here are 5 things that you should inform yourself about as a future dog owner beforehand.

Read and observe the race descriptions

Dog breeds are many. When you're thinking about what breed your future roommate should be, their appearance ideally doesn't play an overriding role. Clearly more important are the characteristics typically associated with a breed of dog.

5 Things about which a future dog owner should inform himself in advance

Calm dogs are content with the daily walk around the block, while others are real bundles of energy and absolutely need a task. Here's where training courses for dogs come in handy to get them one. Sporting dogs, for example, belong to this category.

Can your visual preferences be combined with the dog breed? All the better!

Our tip: Not every dog has read its own breed description. So be open to getting to know your new animal roommate individually and don't be disappointed if your Labrador isn't a water rat right now.

Understand the dog language

Dogs cannot speak. At least not in our language. This complicates the coexistence of your four-legged friend with you. Your four-legged friend will try intensively to understand you. But in order to avoid misunderstandings – possibly even painful ones like snapping and even biting – it is necessary that you learn "canine". If you want to understand the communication of dogs, the body language of the animal is very important. The position of the ears, the tail, but also the whole posture and tension of the body can give you information about the state of mind of your dog. In addition, there is the sound language (barking, yelping, whining), which can vary greatly from dog to dog. However, interpretation always depends on the situation at hand.

Our tip: It takes a lot of patience and attention to learn "doggy". Don't lose heart but be happy when it works out.

5 Things about which a future dog owner should inform himself in advance

A dog must be educated

As with humans, the socialization period is also very important for dogs. During this time you, as the owner, make sure that your dog is well prepared to go through life in the future. Not only does he learn new situations and master them, but he also learns the things that are important to you in living together. For some, it's sit, down, heel, toe. For some, rather staying alone or not barking at everything. Because barking too often can become problematic. If you know the legalities of dogs in the office, you know: A constantly barking dog doesn't stand a chance with you at work.

This set of issues is very comprehensive and important from puppyhood onward. If you take on a more adult dog, you have no control over this. Then you can only get the best out of your darling.

Our tip: Don't let your surroundings stress you out. You yourself decide how much education your darling needs and what is important to you.

5 Things about which a future dog owner should inform himself in advance

The right initial equipment

With the acquisition of the dog itself it is not done of course. Living with a four-legged friend requires a certain amount of equipment, which there is little to change. For example, you'll need a crate for transport or, alternatively, another way to safely transport your new roommate. Especially in the beginning you should secure your dog during walks with a stable leash and a harness. Everything necessary for the dog includes a water and food bowl and a place to sleep, which he can get used to right from the start. Especially with young dogs, it can make sense to also get something to chew on and play with right away.

Our tip: Get the basics first and see over time what your dog is missing and what he likes to play with.

Here you will find tips on how to find the right equipment for your dog

  • Buying guide: wooden dog bed and wicker dog basket – pure nature!
  • Buying guide: Dog cave – a safe hiding place for dog-tired four-legged friends
  • Buying guide: Soft dog beds – a cuddly affair
  • Buying guide: Dog lounger – a chill-out spot for indoors and outdoors
  • Buying guide: Orthopedic dog bed – healthy and ergonomic sleeping comfort for your four-legged friend
  • Buying guide: dog sofa – for your animal couch potato
  • Buying guide: Dog house – the perfect shelter for the garden
  • Buying guide: Dog crate for home – the perfect retreat for your four-legged friend

Dog liability, health or OP insurance?

Dogs belong to those domestic animals, with which quite also after the acquisition certain costs are connected. This starts with dog tax and doesn't stop with vet fees. The conclusion of a health and/or OP insurances for dogs is worth a consideration straight with large or very active animals.

5 Things about which a future dog owner should inform himself in advance

It is even more important to have insurance coverage with a view to the unpredictability of animals. Your dog can be still so dear, well-behaved and calm, there are also for him very frightening situations. Therefore, you can never completely exclude a bite and also sudden breakaway with accident consequence happens. A dog liability insurance provides reassuring protection for dog and owner and prevents that you go to the financial ruin at the developing costs. In some federal states such an insurance is obligatory.

Our tip: Find out what insurance is necessary and sensible even before your dog has moved in with you.


Who plans the acquisition of a dog, should not do this on a whim. It is necessary to think about some things beforehand. Which breed the animal should be and whether the future costs can actually all be covered, must be clarified beforehand.

Because once your dog has become a part of the family, you will hardly want to give him away again.

Do you have any other tips on what to think about before moving in with a dog??

We are pleased as always about each comment!

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