Lawyer for fines and administrative offences in freiburg

You have questions or a problem with a fine or an administrative offense? The defense and representation in administrative fine proceedings is also a focus of the Lamster& law firm Partner in Freiburg. Attorney Jan Kuhlicke is a specialist attorney for traffic law and thus a proven specialist in this field.

It can happen quickly that a penalty notice is issued for a traffic offence. For example, because the permissible speed limit was exceeded, a distance was undercut, or a red light violation was committed. It is not uncommon that you will be fined and even banned from driving.

In this case we are happy to represent you competently and offer professional legal advice. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We advise you among other things in the following cases:

  • Undercutting the minimum distance (distance violation)
  • Red light violation
  • Drunk driving and the associated exceeding of the 0.5 per mille limit
  • Speeding in and out of town (speeding violation)
  • Violation of overtaking ban
  • Use of a cell phone while driving
  • Violations of the main and exhaust emission test (TÜV)
  • Violation of right of way

In the event of an offence you must react quickly!

In most cases, affected road users only find out about an alleged administrative offense when they receive a penalty notice by mail. If there is talk of a high fine or even a driving ban, you should react quickly and consult a lawyer.

He is familiar with hearing forms and notices and checks all attached letters for formal errors. At the same time there is a review of the accusation based on the contents of the file.

Furthermore, it is to be clarified whether an act can actually be proven from the listed evidence. In addition, a review of the respective applied police measurement procedure is carried out. Are there any potential weaknesses here, such that allegedly measured values could possibly differ? In this case, a specialized expert will be called in to provide metrological expert opinions.

Tip: Do you have legal protection insurance?? In this case, the legal advice is included. Expert opinion usually covered, so that no costs are incurred.

When should a lawyer be consulted?

Either you will be questioned directly on the spot about the course of events of the offence or by means of a hearing sheet. If you have to answer the accusation on the spot, we recommend you to keep silent for the time being and not to comment on it. This is your right.

In both situations, you should consult a law firm and inform the lawyers there about the facts of the case. Do not react on your own to the hearing sheet, as false statements can be made here. Subsequently, the information is also no longer reversible.

In addition, we strongly advise you not to put aside the hearing notice "on the off-chance" and ignore it. Otherwise, a decision will be made on the basis of the case file and you may be unjustly incriminated.

If, on the other hand, you contact a lawyer for fines and administrative offences in Freiburg and the surrounding area, he will take care of the matter immediately. If the authority subsequently receives a reply letter from the law firm, a legal hearing must first be granted. Now there is enough time to go through checks such as measurement material and others. In addition, the contents of the file will be evaluated in order to find out more details. Here we also talk about a file inspection.

Contact us if you have any questions about fines and administrative offences – we are there for you!

You have received a hearing sheet or have questions about a fine and an administrative offense? Please do not hesitate to make an appointment. Together we will request a file inspection and go through your case step by step in order to find a solution. It is important not to let too much time pass and to keep all given deadlines.

Important: with a legal protection insurance you do not bear any costs.

The attorneys Jan Kuhlicke and Philipp Porep and are at your disposal in the law office Lamster& Partner available as contact person.

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