Traveling: properly insured for diabetes

Traveling: properly insured for diabetes

Diabetics traveling abroad should definitely take out travel health insurance beforehand – and read the fine print as well. Because insurance companies can exclude treatments that result from a pre-existing condition. Read our tips.

Sick abroad – this can be expensive

Getting sick on vacation is not something you want to think about, despite all the anticipation. But you should still hedge, because otherwise it can be expensive. If you need medical treatment abroad, you usually have to pay the costs in advance, because the card from your German health insurance company is not usually accepted. At home you can submit the bill to the health insurance company. Without travel health insurance can then come to a rude awakening. Because the health insurance company only pays the amount that the treatment would have cost in Germany and also deducts an administrative fee. You have to pay the difference yourself and are left with the costs if you have not taken out travel health insurance. It becomes really expensive if a return transport by ambulance or airplane becomes necessary. Without private insurance this is not covered.

Travel health insurance is obligatory – also for diabetes

If you travel abroad, you should definitely take out travel health insurance. This is also possible for diabetics – but you should take a close look at the "fine print". The insurance company may exclude services that become necessary at the vacation destination as a result of a pre-existing chronic illness. Diabetes is part of it. If treatment is needed, for example, for severe hypoglycemia, private insurance would not have to pay for it. On the other hand, if you break your leg or have an accident that requires you to be transported back home, then it would have to pay. How your travel health insurance deals with chronic illnesses should be explained to you before you sign the contract.

Take a certificate to the diabetes from the doctor

"To ensure that the pre-existing illness is also included in the travel health cover, it is advisable to obtain a clearance certificate before taking out the insurance," advises Birgit Dreyer of Europäische Krankenversicherung (ERV). In this certificate, the attending physician confirms that the diabetes is so well controlled that an insurance claim is not currently to be expected. In addition, the doctor can confirm that there is nothing wrong with the destination, duration and nature of the trip from a medical point of view. You should have this confirmation renewed before each trip abroad. Then you are on the safe side.

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