Working in prison: salary, jobs & co. In the correctional facility

About 180 correctional facilities (JVA), as prisons are officially called, currently exist in Germany. Here sit about 50.000 prisoners serve a custodial sentence. But of course they are not the only people inside a prison: for a correctional facility to function, it needs well-trained personnel. However, little is known about their daily work.

The number of pet owners with at least one dog is increasing every year in the country. This is not without reason, after all, dogs are considered man's best friend. But the acquisition should be well thought out. After all, you are taking responsibility for a living creature that will live with you for up to 18 years.

Here are 5 things that you should inform yourself about as a future dog owner beforehand.

One works towards retirement all one's life. When you reach this third stage of your life, you should be able to enjoy it to the full. The "eternal vacation" should not be overshadowed by unnecessary worries. To avoid these, take some time to review the insurance coverage you have in place. There are also some changes in your insurance needs at the latest with the end of your working life.

Often, retirement means not only more free time, but also less income available to you each month. The amount of the legal pension is noticeably lower, than your past net income. Therefore first a view, where in the future evtl. contributions can be saved – because, already from the age of 55. LJ, many insurers offer special rates for "BestAger.

One feels well advised and in good hands, one has confidence in the lawyer and is given new impetus for the future and encouragement.

Mr. Riethmüller represented me. I was given very good advice and he gave everything to achieve the planned goal. I can only recommend the firm!

Partial retirement and severance pay: money or pension?

Partial retirement is intended to enable older employees to make a seamless transition from working life to a working pension. Under this clause, the employee's working time is reduced by half at the end of his working period before retirement. However, the pay is only reduced to (at least) 70 percent, so the actual half pay is increased by 20 percent (or more).

Everything is new in ... February?!

It is not yet possible to predict exactly what will change in 2020 with regard to road traffic, because here in Germany, for example, the Bundesrat (upper house of parliament) will not deal with the road traffic regulations until around mid-February. Corresponding amendments will therefore be decided then. Several changes are planned, some of which I would like to introduce to you.

5 Ways to lower life insurance premiums

Life insurance companies use a variety of factors to arrive at a policyholder's premium cost. The customer's age, geographic location, existing health conditions, desired level of benefits and lifestyle are common criteria that companies include in the algorithms they use to determine premiums. The most subjective of these criteria is lifestyle. Life insurance companies look at various aspects of a policyholder's lifestyle and may consider any number of life insurance policies as evidence that the customer has a higher risk factor. A client who is a high risk factor, meaning that the insurance company's actuaries determine that there is an increased likelihood that he will die sooner rather than later, will always pay higher premiums than a client who is a lower risk assessor.

As an employee, you are threatened with a warning letter? You have received notice of termination? You need legal advice on an employment law problem from a law firm in Giessen? There are questions about your employment contract? My specialization in the legal field of labor law enables me as a lawyer to give you competent advice for your concern in Giessen. What support can the works council offer? When it comes to work or the job is suddenly lost, this is often associated with an emotional roller coaster ride for employees Here, a competent attorney for employment law of an employment law firm in Giessen can provide relief. Very quickly, additional questions arise: Is the termination of the employment relationship according to the employment contract at all legal? Can an employee demand severance pay? What are the requirements in the employment contract? My employment law firm in Giessen can help.

What does the employer's reference look like?? To what extent can works councils provide support? All these questions can be answered by a lawyer for labor law in Giessen. It is important to be quick: I am your contact for labor law – both for employees and employers. Contact me as a lawyer for labor law in my law office in Giessen for an initial consultation!

For many consumers in Germany, financing everyday life is a problem. Over-indebtedness is still a taboo subject, which is why too few people seek help. That said, there are solutions to financial problems in most situations. Those who seek advice can often reduce costs by making a few changes and thus have more money at their disposal. Below are five valuable tips on how to reduce expenses and create more financial freedom.

5 Tips when things get financially tight

Traveling: properly insured for diabetes

Diabetics traveling abroad should definitely take out travel health insurance beforehand – and read the fine print as well. Because insurance companies can exclude treatments that result from a pre-existing condition. Read our tips.