7 Tips for managing your finances through a divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the most financially and emotionally stressful changes you can go through. You will need an army of emotional support as well as a good framework to help you make the financial decisions you will make.

Alcohol and e-bikes - where is the blood alcohol limit??

Finally it is Friday. Now quickly slip into new clothes and off you go to your friends. You don't live too far away, so riding an e-bike is a good option for you. Hardly arrived, it goes already into the garden and all sit together and drink a beer. The sociable round talks animatedly. There it can become already once a few more beers.

After a few hours there is a glance at the clock: now it is time to go home.

Outstanding payments are a serious problem for entrepreneurs. Often the materials or wages of employees were pre-funded. If bills are not paid when due, the company's liquidity suffers as a result of late payments.

After a written or verbal reminder, business owners are always presented with excuses as to why the bill hasn't been paid yet. In the following we would like to present you our hit list of the best excuses and how you as an entrepreneur can deal with them. Be sure to read how to write a reminder correctly!

10 Controversial missing persons cases

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe missing person cases: sad, mysterious, tragic, confusing. However, you can also add the word "controversial" to the list. When a person disappears, it can sometimes be just the tip of the iceberg in a complicated and bizarre story.

10 Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams

Felipe Santos was driving on the morning of 1. October 2003 in Naples, Florida, for work when he had a minor accident with another vehicle. A sheriff's deputy named Steven Henry Calkins cited Santos for driving without a license before putting him in his patrol car and driving away. Santos, however, was never booked at the police station and has not been seen since. Calkins claimed he changed his mind about taking Santos to jail and dropped him off at a nearby convenience store. Calkins found itself at the center of another suspicious disappearance just three months later, when an African-American man named Terrance Williams vanished.