And action! In london, you must have visited these 7 film locations

Film fans watch out! In London some world-famous film classics were shot, which you surely know too. We've collected 7 film locations you should definitely visit on your trip to London. So pack your camera and then let's go!

1. Harry Potter

Quote: "Lily? After all these years?" "Always."

Young orphan Harry Potter spends his life with his aunt and uncle, who are anything but caring. His life changes abruptly when, on his eleventh birthday, he receives an invitation to Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He experiences the most exciting adventures with his friends Ron and Hermione. But soon they have to face the biggest threat in the magical world: Lord Voldemort is back.

Address: Last call for the Hogwarts Express! At King's Cross station, all you have to do is look for platform 9 ¾ and the journey begins.

2. Notting Hill

Quote: "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy and asking him to love it."

The neighborhood of Notting Hill became world famous through the film of the same name. When movie star Anna Scott suddenly shows up at William Thacker's bookstore, he can hardly believe his luck. After that, their paths cross several times and they develop feelings for each other. But fate throws a spanner in their works. Still, the two can't forget each other and you wonder until the very end: Will there be a happy ending for the mismatched couple?

Address: You'll find the famous blue door behind which William Thacker lives with his chaotic roommate Spike at 280, Westbourne Park Road.

3. James Bond

Quote: "A vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred."

His name is Bond, James Bond. The secret agent 007 works for the British secret service and puts a stop to one bad guy after another. He drives the fastest cars, flirts with the most beautiful women and one daredevil stunt follows another. Action is guaranteed here!

Address: MI6 headquarters is actually the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service. Therefore, it can only be admired from Vauxhall Bridge or the Thames River. No problem, because a huge 007 collection is on display at the Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum at Convent Garden.

4. Love indeed

Quote: "To me, you are perfect."

London, just before Christmas. In parallel, ten different stories of love develop as they intertwine on Christmas Day. The hopelessly romantic writer falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper, the prime minister can only think of his beautiful employee, and a wife worries about her husband's fidelity. When "Love is all around" is playing, we can't help but think of the heart-wrenching scene between Keira Knightly and Andrew Lincoln.

Address: On St. Luke's Mews Mark confesses his love to married Juliet on big cardboard cards. Get ready for an unforgettable moment in romance movie history!

And action! In london, you must have visited these 7 film locations

5. Sherlock Holmes

Quote: "Anderson, don't talk out loud! you lower the IQ of the whole street!"

Sherlock Holmes is a private detective extraordinaire who teams up with former military doctor Dr. John Watson solves mysterious suicide cases. Through Sherlock's brilliant mind, he can soon say with certainty that it is the deeds of a perfidious serial killer. With Watson as their moral compass, they make an unbeatable team and get to the bottom of the offender's case.

Address: No Sherlock Holmes tour would be complete without a visit to his 221b Baker Street home address. This is also where the Sherlock Holmes Museum is located, but 187 North Gower Street was used for the filming.

6. Paddington

Quote: "Please take care of this bear."

When the little bear Paddington travels from Peru to England as a stowaway, there is this inscription on a sign Paddington wears around his neck. But he comes with nothing but a few jars of jam in his suitcase and his blue raincoat. The Brown family takes him in and his adventurous search for a Peruvian explorer begins.

Address: On platform 1 of the central station is a bronze statue of Paddington with this famous quote.

7. Bridget Jones

Quote: "Oh God, this is blue soup!?"

Now the time has come: still completely hungover Bridget Jones decides on New Year's Day to get her life together. The three most important items on her list: She wants to get rid of her excess pounds, quit smoking and most important of all, she wants to find a man. In the process, the attractive boss catches her eye, but he turns out to be the opposite of Mister Perfect. Maybe she should give boring lawyer Mark Darcy a chance after all?

Address: "All by myself" sang Bridget in her apartment above the pub "The Globe", 8, Bedale Street. There's also delicious hot chocolate to be had at Rabot 1745 around the corner, and we bet Bridget was a regular there too!

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