Lawyer for family law in schwandorf

Of all areas of law, family law is the most emotionally difficult. A separation or even a divorce is for the affected family members a deep cut in their previous life and often in the financial situation. That is why it is important for me not only to be a competent partner, but also a companion in this emotional exceptional situation. In order to limit damage in time already in the run-up, legal advice is important already in an early phase. Because often a lack of knowledge about legal facts and contexts leads to disputes about alleged facts that do not exist. My specialization in the legal field of family law enables me as a lawyer to give you competent advice for your concerns in Schwandorf.

As a lawyer for family law of a law firm in Schwandorf I support you with my experience in your separation, divorce or maintenance disputes in all steps: from the first telephone consultation to the court hearing. My clients and their problems are always in the center of my attention, and together we work out viable results on the subject of maintenance, contact, custody and equalization of gains, division of the household, and pension entitlements. The fields of work with the legal field of family law of my law firm in Schwandorf are versatile: They include comprehensive advice, out-of-court representation, but also representation in court. As a lawyer specializing in family law, I offer my clients comprehensive advice and representation in family law matters in my Schwandorf office.

Children are involved?

Never without a lawyer for divorce law

Especially if minors are involved, a divorce is tragic. As a lawyer for family law of a law office in Schwandorf I attach importance to the fact that the interests of your children in the conflict of the parents are considered.

Divorces can be very emotional disputes between people who were once close to each other. That's why family law requires not only the expertise of a lawyer, but also comprehensive advice based on social competence and a feeling for the client's emotional situation. Through my work as a lawyer in the legal field of family law, I have many years of experience in solving family law problems and can support you competently in all areas of family law in my office in Schwandorf.

Even if the divorce is amicable or there is nothing to dispute, a consultation with a lawyer regarding a separation agreement or an agreement on the consequences of divorce makes sense in any case.

It is important that a legal consultation can only advise one partner at a time, never both sides at the same time! Not even if both agree with the claims from the start. Keep in mind that you cannot file a petition with the family court without a lawyer – and in this case also not a petition for divorce. Without legal representation you can only agree to or refuse a divorce in Schwandorf.

Your lawyer for family law in Schwandorf

I know: At a wedding you do not want to think about a possible separation. As a lawyer for family law in Schwandorf, I will help you to formulate precautionary arrangements by means of a prenuptial agreement. My law firm for family law also advises you on all other legal matters concerning marriage, civil partnership, family and kinship.

You have questions about guardianship, conservatorship and legal custody? Ask me as a lawyer for family law! Even if you need support in matters before offices and authorities, I represent your interests in the areas of adoption, custody and civil status prudently and competently. Because I know how sensitive family law matters can be.

As your lawyer for family law of a law firm in Schwandorf, I will actively support you and enforce your interests.

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