Lawyer exhaust gas scandal in bielefeld / owl

Attorney Schepper from Bielefeld is a consumer attorney and positions himself specifically in the exhaust gas scandal on the side of the affected car owners. Georg Schepper is lawyer recommendation of the consumer protection portal "", member of the lawyers' working group "" and cooperating attorney of the Interessengemeinschaft Dieselskandal with regional responsibility for the postcode area "3" – here in particular OWL and the city of Bielefeld.

There are many myths about the medical profession and the doctor's salary. Physicians are described as raking in big bucks or slaving away around the clock, fobbed off with constantly lower fees. Both are inaccurate. We provide clarity and give an overview of physician compensation in this article.

What are the requirements of the medical profession?

The high responsibility of the physician for the health of his patients is undisputed. Before someone can work as a doctor, many hours of learning at home, in the lecture hall, in the clinic and in practices are necessary. The medical study includes the standard study time of 12 semesters, some make it only in 13, 14 or more semesters. That's more than 6 years of life, during which future doctors earn effectively nothing compared to their peers.

About 40 kilometers northeast of the capital Pristina, NOTUS energy has completed Kosovo's largest wind farm and rebuilt a substation in the mountains. The 27 wind turbines at the Selac wind farm provide electricity for more than 100.000 households, accounting for up to ten percent of Kosovo's electricity consumption.

The wind farm near the town of Mitrovica and the village of Bajgora (Bajgore) is an important milestone for Kosovo on the road to autonomous and renewable energy supply. "We are very proud to have been able to make a significant contribution to this outstanding project," says Heiner Roger, managing director of NOTUS energy, an independent power producer in Potsdam, Germany. Kosovo has relied almost exclusively on coal-fired power generation and electricity imports.

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