Wildenheid dementia garden: free and yet protected

Wildenheid dementia garden: free and yet protected

Have you ever thought about what a person with a runaway tendency thinks and feels?", asked adriana sacagiu, manager of the "phonix am muppberg" hotel in wildenheid at the inauguration of the extended dementia garden. What must it feel like to be nowhere at home, always on the run?? "Understanding all this is very important for us in dealing with our residents. Understanding, a little more quality of life, improvement of conditions, we owe it to the people", sacagiu remarked.

Restless and restless

Because people suffering from dementia have a completely different "temperament" often had to wander around restlessly and constantly experience this pressure and stress, the phonix facility in wildenheid has expanded its dementia garden. On thursday afternoon, it was opened by second mayor elke protzmann (CSU) in a joyful ceremony. Protzmann thanked for the commitment of the house to create what is needed. "You have created something that is worthy of this house and people."

The city has recently addressed the mobility of seniors and has placed a bench every 100 meters. This begins here in front of the door for those who are still a little mobile. "But that it can take place here protected and in a sheltered area, for that a very big thanks to the city of neustadt", protzmann praised the commitment. Even if cooler and wetter days come now, this area here outside will certainly be filled with life.

The residents will be able to design this area according to their own ideas. "In the summer, everything here will again be very green and, yes, "filled with life", sacagiu, who only took over the management of the house in the summer, was already able to confirm this.

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