This creep annoys the oberreuthers

This creep annoys the oberreuthers

The small connecting road across the county border to oberreuth (district of lichtenfels) has probably never seen so much traffic as it does at present. And that is exactly the problem, said andre karl (SPD) on monday evening in the municipal council and warned: "in some places the condition is very dangerous." besides, he suggested to let repair at least the worst places at short notice provisionally by the building yard with asphalt.

The new popularity of the road, which is otherwise only used for local traffic, is due to construction work in neighboring counties: both beikheim (kronach county) and marktzeuln (lichtenfels county) have closed heavily frequented roads, so that motorists are taking alternative routes. And one of them, especially for the residents from the corner of lettenreuth/marktzeuln on the way to the north (kronach) and east (kulmbach), goes through oberreuth, trubenbach and marktgraitz.

Here you can read why the strabe is closed at beikheim.

That's why mayor markus monch (no party affiliation) was not at all enthusiastic in the municipal council about repairing the strabe now. Because for him the calculation did not add up: "the better we make the road, the more cars drive on it." and not only cars, grumbled the mayor. It seems that many truck drivers ignore the road signs set up by the municipality for vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tons and rumble down the potholed road between trubenbach and oberreuth.

Why the redach bridge near marktzeuln is closed, read here.

By his own admission, markus monch has already held many discussions on how to defuse the current situation – with the police, the state building authority and the neighboring municipality of michelau (oberreuth is part of it). But none led to success. It seems, the mayor speculated, that from the point of view of weidhausen, one must hope that the two major construction projects in the neighborhood will soon be completed and that the detour traffic will then be eliminated again.

What happens in 2019?

Andre karl nevertheless insisted that the building yard should at least take a look at the worst spots on the just over one kilometer of road that is the responsibility of the municipality. It was already enough, stressed karl "as always in the past years" to fill asphalt into the holes and to fix it – then there would have been peace and quiet.

The mayor was still not really enthusiastic about this idea. For him, it is difficult to explain to the rest of the population that something is being done here on an open stretch of road, while in the center of weidhausen much worse roads remain unchanged in their condition. And anyway: if it's up to markus monch, the road to oberreuth should actually be reserved exclusively for agricultural vehicles. Any action by the building yard, predicted monch, would be "wasted money". Nevertheless, the mayor promised to take up karls' request and to send the building yard out to trubenbach for a check-up.

And when the sneak drivers are on the road again somewhere else, there will probably have to be a fundamental decision about this road. In response to a question from the tageblatt, the mayor announced that it would "most likely be done this year there will be an inspection appointment with the building committee. Then it will be decided together which work will be tackled on the road in the coming year.

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