Whether you're looking for a nature experience in a fascinating setting, great museums and cultural attractions, or the opportunity to explore America's Wild West legacy, you'll find it all in South Dakota. You can see some impressive rock formations in Badlands National Park, enjoy natural hot springs, visit Mount Rushmore or visit museums and art galleries in Sioux Falls. Here are the best places to visit in South Dakota. 

Mount Rushmore National Monument

25 Of the best places to visit in south dakota

About 40 kilometers northeast of the capital Pristina, NOTUS energy has completed Kosovo's largest wind farm and rebuilt a substation in the mountains. The 27 wind turbines at the Selac wind farm provide electricity for more than 100.000 households, accounting for up to ten percent of Kosovo's electricity consumption.

The wind farm near the town of Mitrovica and the village of Bajgora (Bajgore) is an important milestone for Kosovo on the road to autonomous and renewable energy supply. "We are very proud to have been able to make a significant contribution to this outstanding project," says Heiner Roger, managing director of NOTUS energy, an independent power producer in Potsdam, Germany. Kosovo has relied almost exclusively on coal-fired power generation and electricity imports.

10 Deadly victorian-era street gangs

In the 19. In the twentieth century, the world was changing – especially in big cities. Immigrants flocked to New York, Liverpool and Glasgow, leading religious and ethnic groups to mix and fight for their place in their new world. Meanwhile, criminals quickly discovered that life was much easier with the help of like-minded people. Powerful street gangs formed and quickly took up her claims to control her cities.

10 The Rip Raps

10 Deadly victorian-era street gangs

Yesterday, the Main Event of the exclusive One Drop Extravaganza tournament series kicked off in Monaco with a whopping €1 million buy-in. In the most expensive tournament in the world, 26 players entered and there were even two re-buys. After Day 1, 24 are left to play down to a final table of eight today.

€1 Million one drop extravaganza - 24 players left in the most expensive tournament in the world
Alcohol and e-bikes - where is the blood alcohol limit??

Finally it is Friday. Now quickly slip into new clothes and off you go to your friends. You don't live too far away, so riding an e-bike is a good option for you. Hardly arrived, it goes already into the garden and all sit together and drink a beer. The sociable round talks animatedly. There it can become already once a few more beers.

After a few hours there is a glance at the clock: now it is time to go home.

Many employees believe in the myth of the right to severance pay. However, there is generally no legal entitlement to severance pay.

Entitlement to severance pay in the event of termination?

Outstanding payments are a serious problem for entrepreneurs. Often the materials or wages of employees were pre-funded. If bills are not paid when due, the company's liquidity suffers as a result of late payments.

After a written or verbal reminder, business owners are always presented with excuses as to why the bill hasn't been paid yet. In the following we would like to present you our hit list of the best excuses and how you as an entrepreneur can deal with them. Be sure to read how to write a reminder correctly!

Off to the wild west: these are the streaming tips of the week

WOW gives an Italo western icon a comeback, and at Paramount+ climate hacktivists challenge politics. To see what streaming highlights the coming week has in store, check out this overview.

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10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Audiences love seeing blossoming couples on TV and in movies. It is one of the most attractive aspects of tuning in, especially when the couple has a will-they/won't-they storyline that keeps fans guessing, like the relationship between Sam and Diane Thank you very much, or even Ross and Rachel in Friends.