Lawyer exhaust gas scandal in bielefeld / owl

Lawyer exhaust gas scandal in bielefeld / owl

Attorney Schepper from Bielefeld is a consumer attorney and positions himself specifically in the exhaust gas scandal on the side of the affected car owners. Georg Schepper is lawyer recommendation of the consumer protection portal "", member of the lawyers' working group "" and cooperating attorney of the Interessengemeinschaft Dieselskandal with regional responsibility for the postcode area "3" – here in particular OWL and the city of Bielefeld.

The experienced lawyer, who works independently in his own law firm, is already handling cases in the area of the diesel scandal; in particular, Georg Schepper is handling promising claims for restitution by VW owners or owners of vehicles from the subsidiaries Porsche, Audi, Seat and Skoda.

Lawyer's tip: "Anyone who drives a Golf, Passat, Touran or similar vehicle from VW with an inline four-cylinder diesel engine is threatened at the end of the year with the statute of limitations for their claims against the manufacturer, such as z.B. VW. We will be happy to help you make an urgent decision with a free initial assessment of your case!"

At the moment, Attorney Schepper is paying special attention to procedural strategies for the enforcement of restitution claims of directly affected passenger cars such as z.B. Models with EA 189 engine from 2007 to 2015 or Porsche, Audi and VW with 6 and 8-cylinder diesel engines of emission class 6.

Three models for damage avoidance in the emissions scandal:

1. Revocation of the loan

Those who have privately financed their diesel with a car bank have the best prospects of being able to return the vehicle using the so-called "revocation joker". Attorney Georg Schepper is a specialist attorney for banking and capital market law and checks whether your contract is based on faulty instructions. Incorrect revocation instructions allow an immediate withdrawal. The client returns the car and gets back the paid installments.

2. Return of your diesel

At the regional courts in Bielefeld and OWL often consumer-friendly decisions are made. Schepper therefore advises owners of diesel vehicles to determine how they are affected and to return the car in order to avoid further loss of value, workshop visits and loss of performance.

3. Compensation in the emissions scandal

If you want to keep your car, but do not want to accept losses in value, workshop visits and loss of performance, you can demand that the Volkswagen Group and the dealer liable under warranty pay for these damages.

Do you have any further questions about the emissions scandal??

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