Gunter wallraff: do not reintroduce handmade rubble

Gunter wallraff: do not reintroduce handmade rubble

Gunter wallraff is in favor of not reintroducing handshaking even after the end of the corona crisis. "Other forms of burial should take their place," the revelation journalist and bestselling author told the german press agency in poland.

In other cultures this has long been a matter of course, also for reasons of hygiene. "In today's increasingly mobile and interconnected world, epidemiologists predict that pandemics will be more and more frequent in the future," said wallraff.

One positive aspect of the crisis is that undervalued professions have finally been more strongly appreciated. "Old people's nurses and nurses' aides, parcel delivery people and supermarket cashiers are what hold our society together at its core and must be raised to a completely different wage level," said wallraff.

The losers of the crisis are those who have always been at the bottom of society, especially the homeless. "There are hardly any passers-by in the city center, and the food banks receive less and less food."

Wallraff said he was surprised at the billions that the state could now suddenly invest. "That is of course also necessary, but I ask myself: what could have been done with a fraction of these huge sums to fight poverty?? Instead, it was very often: 'yes, of course it would be desirable to do something here and there – but unfortunately the money is not there!'"

He himself is currently trying to stick to the rules and avoid contact wherever possible. "I am 77 and therefore belong to the risk group."He says it is all the more important for him to get plenty of exercise: he regularly goes on bicycle tours to do so. "What i used to jog, i now cycle to get there."

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