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As an employee, you are threatened with a warning letter? You have received notice of termination? You need legal advice on an employment law problem from a law firm in Giessen? There are questions about your employment contract? My specialization in the legal field of labor law enables me as a lawyer to give you competent advice for your concern in Giessen. What support can the works council offer? When it comes to work or the job is suddenly lost, this is often associated with an emotional roller coaster ride for employees Here, a competent attorney for employment law of an employment law firm in Giessen can provide relief. Very quickly, additional questions arise: Is the termination of the employment relationship according to the employment contract at all legal? Can an employee demand severance pay? What are the requirements in the employment contract? My employment law firm in Giessen can help.

What does the employer's reference look like?? To what extent can works councils provide support? All these questions can be answered by a lawyer for labor law in Giessen. It is important to be quick: I am your contact for labor law – both for employees and employers. Contact me as a lawyer for labor law in my law office in Giessen for an initial consultation!

In employment law, there are often only very short deadlines within which, for example in the case of a dismissal, an action for continued employment (action for protection against dismissal) can be brought. If you miss this window of opportunity as an employee, any resulting damage can hardly be corrected. Example: After three weeks, a dismissal can no longer be contested. my employment law firm will make sure that this does not happen. As a lawyer specializing in labor law, I offer my clients in my office in Giessen comprehensive advice and representation in labor law matters.

You have rights! Do you know them?

If you are of the opinion that you are entitled to a severance payment? From a legal point of view, this is the exception and must be regulated in advance, for example in the employment contract. However, in the case of dismissals for operational reasons, your employer can make you an offer of severance pay. As your attorney for labor law in a law firm in Giessen, I will gladly review such a severance offer. And, very important to know, is it appropriate? If the termination agreement is correct and complete?

It is difficult to keep track in this situation. As a lawyer for labor law in Giessen I am familiar with difficult situations. Because labor law is complex. Rely on the legal advice and experience of a competent lawyer from an employment law firm in Gießen instead of on works councils, a solid half-knowledge from the Internet and on the certainly well-intentioned, but sometimes factually incorrect information from friends. Losing your job means much more than suddenly having no income anymore. Your existence, your life, your family are at stake. It is about your future and it is often also about your self-esteem. Through my work as a lawyer in the legal field of labor law, I have years of experience in solving labor law problems and competently support you in my office in Giessen in all areas of labor law.

As a lawyer at an employment law firm in Giessen, I am your contact person for all matters relating to employment law and will help you

  • in the case of unjustified warnings
  • to get an adequate severance pay
  • in the negotiation of severance agreements
  • to find a solution for you in which both sides can save face
  • to contest the dismissal
  • legal deadlines in employment law must be observed
  • to avoid reductions in unemployment benefits
  • Review and drafting of employment references

I stand by you in this difficult time as a lawyer for labor law.

For many years I have been fighting as a lawyer in my labor law office in Giessen for the rights of my clients and offer for both sides: Employee and employer a professional legal advice – not only from Giessen. Get one of the best lawyers for labor law at a labor law firm in Giessen your side and we look together for the best possible solutions!

When it comes to your money: labor law in Giessen

In labor law it is mostly about money: about unpaid wages, no or too low severance pay, about a bad reference and resulting new, bad job offers. Exactly such difficult conditions belong to the daily work for a lawyer for labor law. Since it is about your money, you should immediately call a lawyer for labor law of a law firm in Giessen for an initial consultation. We will discuss your situation and you will receive a free initial assessment of the situation by telephone from me as your lawyer for employment law in my law firm in Giessen. Do not rely on online severance pay calculators. Your situation is individual, but online calculators are general and do not consider all factors in detail.

In all this I offer you as a lawyer of an employment law firm in Giessen competent advice and representation in employment law. Of course, as your lawyer for labor law, I will also take care of the correspondence with your legal protection insurance (if available) or apply for legal aid (if possible).

Labor law in Giessen

Stay one step ahead with an initial consultation with a lawyer for labor law from my law firm in Giessen! Especially when it comes to the job, questions arise again and again. Even if the employment law problem seems rather irrelevant to you – call a lawyer from an employment law firm in Giessen, Germany! Don't be afraid to discuss your problems with your lawyer and perhaps get a whole new perspective on them. In a conversation with your lawyer, you will be pointed to important points in the labor law or even your employment contract and, if necessary, supported with competent information from other areas of law. As an employment lawyer, it is my job to listen to you very carefully and find the best solution for you. Talk to me as your lawyer in Gießen. I take time for you, your wishes and your concerns in labor law. Because every situation – and yours – is unique.

Let us work together to resolve the conflict in advance of a court hearing with negotiating skills and assertiveness. For more than 23 years I have been fighting as a competent lawyer with a law office in Giessen for the rights of my clients in the field of labor law.

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