10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Audiences love seeing blossoming couples on TV and in movies. It is one of the most attractive aspects of tuning in, especially when the couple has a will-they/won't-they storyline that keeps fans guessing, like the relationship between Sam and Diane Thank you very much, or even Ross and Rachel in Friends.

This creep annoys the oberreuthers

The small connecting road across the county border to oberreuth (district of lichtenfels) has probably never seen so much traffic as it does at present. And that is exactly the problem, said andre karl (SPD) on monday evening in the municipal council and warned: "in some places the condition is very dangerous." besides, he suggested to let repair at least the worst places at short notice provisionally by the building yard with asphalt.

The new popularity of the road, which is otherwise only used for local traffic, is due to construction work in neighboring counties: both beikheim (kronach county) and marktzeuln (lichtenfels county) have closed heavily frequented roads, so that motorists are taking alternative routes. And one of them, especially for the residents from the corner of lettenreuth/marktzeuln on the way to the north (kronach) and east (kulmbach), goes through oberreuth, trubenbach and marktgraitz.