The sinn valley bridge is his passion

Norbert hildmann never gets bored. At the annual general meeting of the riedenberg horticultural association, he showed the visitors a selection of his photos of the construction of the new bridge. "I must have over four and a half thousand recordings in my "archive, he said. "But I have selected only 370, which I want to show you this evening." there some became restless… It promised to be a long evening. It did – but nobody was bored.

At the beginning, every day on the construction site
"i have been retired for a few years", explained the 71-year-old. "I was an engineer myself, although not in civil engineering. I did not want to miss the construction of the new bridge." and so hildmann documented photographically all the processes involved in building the bridge since construction began in 2009. "At first I was on the construction site every day. I'm lucky, I live in riedenberg and I'm very close to it." hildmann contacted the construction management and got permission to take pictures even there, where the construction site was otherwise consequently closed to everyone. "Of course I had the constant contact with the construction management. You can't just walk onto the construction site like that."

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Labor law part-time - what do employees have to consider?
Gunter wallraff: do not reintroduce handmade rubble

Gunter wallraff is in favor of not reintroducing handshaking even after the end of the corona crisis. "Other forms of burial should take their place," the revelation journalist and bestselling author told the german press agency in poland.

In other cultures this has long been a matter of course, also for reasons of hygiene. "In today's increasingly mobile and interconnected world, epidemiologists predict that pandemics will be more and more frequent in the future," said wallraff.

Kiel back on the throne: lowen defeated, title won

With a handball lesson for the worst of the chasers, THW kiel has won its 18. German championship won.

Long before the final whistle, the black-and-white wave rolled through the arena: the serial champions had just dismantled second-placed rhein-neckar lowen, winning 31:25 (15:7) and capturing the next trophy after the cup. "Ole, ole, deutscher meister immer wieder, immer wieder THW," the fans sang and waved their scarves. They found, "oh how is that already!"

Farmers expect poorer grain harvest due to heat

Due to the heat waves of the past few weeks, the german farmers' association (DBV) is expecting a significantly poorer cereal harvest this year than in the past. In the meantime, the DBV expects a harvest of between 44 million and 45 million tons.

Around 47 million tons had previously been expected, only slightly below the multi-year average of 47.9 million tons. "The correction in harvest expectations is due to the heat waves, which have reduced the yield potential of the most important cereal crop in germany, winter wheat, in particular," it said in explanation.

Till the rub do us part ...

For me, a car is a commodity, a means of transportation and transport. Accordingly, I have not been able to muster much emotion for my car so far. Thanks to volkswagen this has now changed. Because i am the owner of a cheat diesel and as such i have been exposed to a constant rollercoaster of emotions for quite some time now. With the common sense that would say, the car manufacturers – and many others – have cheated, so they have to compensate their customers accordingly, you won't get far in the diesel scandal.

The best example is the latest offer from VW. Scrappage premiums are available for diesel cars with emission standards 1 to 4; my golf has emission standard 5. Change premiums for cars with euro 4 and 5 are given to diesel drivers in the 14 stinkiest german cities; i live in the country (luckily). So I have the A…-map, ah, i mean the rough drawn out. I own a five year old golf, which has practically zero resale value.

It is hard to imagine a car without it. And this, although the vast majority of drivers at least hope never to have to see him in action. Airbags save lives, it's that simple. And in the meantime there are quite a few of them, even if it was a long way to go.

The long road to the big bang

Airbags: all types and the history
Lawyer for tenancy law

The surrender of an object for private or commercial use in return for payment is also referred to in Germany as renting or leasing. rent means. Both movable and immovable objects can be rented out. objects that are regularly rented out, such as cars, technical equipment or apartments. In addition, house walls can also be rented out as advertising space. However, when tenancy law is mentioned in general, it refers to the renting of living space. The rental agreement regulates how the rental is structured in concrete terms. The lease agreement must be in accordance with the valid tenancy law. Tenancy law itself is regulated in Germany in the German Civil Code in sections 535 to 580 a BGB. Different rights and obligations arise from tenancy law for both tenants and landlords, which we would first like to briefly discuss. In the following, we would like to present some areas and peculiarities that you may encounter in connection with leases. In many cases, you are well advised to seek help from a lawyer specializing in landlord and tenant law.

Rights and obligations of tenants and landlords

The tenancy law with or. the lease agreement regulates what the two parties are allowed to do under the lease agreement and what they are obligated to do. There is a legal framework for this, which may not be abandoned even by the lease agreement. In accordance with the tenancy law applicable in Germany, the landlord is primarily obliged to provide the rented property, i.e. in this case the apartment or the house, in a condition that is specified in the contract. In the case of an apartment, the building must therefore meet certain minimum requirements. In the case of a shed or garage, the requirements are of course less stringent. In principle, the landlord must also bear the costs associated with the rented property, such as repairs or taxes. In practice, however, individual costs are then allocated to the rent. Above all, however, the usability must be given. If this is not the case, for example due to building restrictions or lack of official permits, the landlord also loses the claim to the contractually agreed consideration, the rent payment.

Merkel and weber take a stand against nationalism in zagreb

In the election campaign of the european people's party (EPP), german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and EPP leadership candidate manfred weber (CSU) took a firm stand against nationalist and populist tendencies in europe.

"Nationalism is the enemy of the european project," merkel declared at the drazen petrovic basketball stadium in zagreb. "I will fight against the nationalists and populists," weber toothed the same horn.

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