Asi travel worldwide hiking and trekking tours 2023

The Alpine School Innsbruck is a tour operator from Austria. ASI Reisen is a specialist tour operator for hiking and trekking tours with 55 years of experience. The 2023 travel offers will take you to over 70 countries worldwide, which you will explore in small groups with an average of ten fellow travelers and like-minded people.

Sustainable, excellent round trips – Organizer ASI Reisen

ASI sees itself as an expert in travel that has a lasting impact. Combining great nature with exciting culture and activities in the fresh air. Travel must make as much sense for local communities as it does for travelers. A key factor here is local value creation. The organizer has set itself the goal of constantly improving this added value and is committed to communicating this transparently at ASI Original Reisen.

Difficulty level hiking& Trekking tours from ASI Reisen

The tour operator offers active vacations in different levels of difficulty. Enjoyable hiking in the Alsace region, husky tours in Finland or challenging trekking in the Himalaya region.

Difficulty level 1: very easy – with the lowest demand on condition and fitness. These are very easy tours without special physical requirements.

Difficulty level 2: easy – low demand on condition and physical fitness characterizes this difficulty level. Trips of this category are particularly suitable for beginners in the range active vacation.

Difficulty level 3: medium – A medium level of fitness is required for these trips. The tours of this level of difficulty are easily manageable for healthy people with normal physical condition.

Difficulty level 4: demanding – good to very good endurance is required for these tours. The tours are sometimes spread over the whole day.

Difficulty level 5: very demanding – endurance and condition are comparable with difficulty level 4

Walking in small groups

When hiking in small groups you hike in manageable group sizes the most beautiful places in nature. Thanks to the ASI certified& state-certified guides, you are always on the safe side. The operator offers both close destinations in the Alps, trips within Europe, but also far-flung, more exotic destinations.

Individual E-Bike& Wheel journeys

Experience the world at your own pace. This works especially well with a bicycle or e-bike. Experience a new serenity on individual cycling trips as the landscape passes you by at your own pace. Organized accommodation, luggage transport& comprehensive route information makes an individual cycling adventure a safe experience!

Snowshoe& Winter hiking

Winter landscapes and mountains exert an attraction of their own: alpine pastures wrapped in snow, crunching underfoot, freezing breath, wide distant views. With snowshoes this world opens up even to the non-skier. There are many different tours from beginner and beginner courses to top tours to the highest peaks.

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