10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

Jannik: My tip is Team Canada. While they are rather lean in goal, as they are almost every year, and because they always have to find themselves as a team first, they could weaken in the first two games. Still, past years show that the Maple Leafs are capable of excellence when representing their country.

10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

Richi: I bet on Metallurg. The Russians come to Davos with ambitions and are probably the strongest team on paper. Sure, Canada is the real favorite, but the supposed weakness in goal could become a mortgage.

10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

2. Which team is the insider tip for 2018?

Richi: I think KalPa is a Sleeper. The Finns have with Eetu Luostarinen and Otto Leskinen two young top players in the team, who can offer a big show. The fact that KalPa is only ranked number four after Metallurg, Team Canada and Trinec could serve as a motivational injection for such a young team (the third youngest team in the Liiga).

10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

Jannik: My sleeper pick is the team from Germany. The DEL is often ridiculed, especially here in Switzerland, but German ice hockey has clearly made up ground. And in this very league, Nuremberg took third place last season. This season, the standings look less flattering, but it would be a mistake to underestimate Bayern. The experiment Spengler Cup can go for the Ice Tigers but admittedly full in the pants if not the full performance is provided.

10 Daring spengler cup tips and a crate of beer

3. Which team will be the weakest team?

Jannik: My pick is the only Swiss and home team. HCD fails to get going after first win under Vitolins at Spengler Cup. The team from Landwasser Valley is too unstable to stand up to the competition. Even the substitutes Klasen and Sanguinetti will hardly stand out. The result is a Spengler Cup to forget for the HCD, but more time to concentrate on keeping the league.

Richi: Unfortunately, I also think that Davos will not have an easy time. But to make it exciting, I'll bet on Nuremberg. The German teams have never really convinced at the Spengler Cup: Ingoldstadt, Adler Mannheim, Eisbaren Berlin, Krefeld Pinguine, Kolner Haie, Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg – in this millennium German teams have never been a factor at the Spengler Cup.

4. Will there be no Swiss participation in the final for the first time since 2010?

Richi: Yes, pretty sure. It is the first tournament in this decade where only one Swiss team is participating. After seven final appearances by Team Suisse, HC Lugano, Geneva-Servette and the HCD, New Year's Eve will be without Swiss participation this year.

Jannik: As my choice of the weakest team suggests, I don't trust the HCD to make an exploit. No final participation for the Davos.

5. Who will be the most noticeable player?

Jannik: Kevin Bieksa from the Canadians. Maybe not the most technically gifted player at this year's tournament, but the NHL veteran brings a lot of experience and toughness to the "Maple Leafs" ranks. 808 NHL regular season games, 278 points and 1124 penalty minutes on his resume. This and the fact that he wants to push himself for a new contract at this Spengler Cup, point to an eye-catching tournament of the 37-year-old. In whatever way.

Richi: My money is on Eetu Luostarinen. The 190cm tall Finnish forward is only 20 years old, and already top scorer at KalPa. Luostarinen was taken in the second round last year (draft pick no. 42) Drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes and impresses with high game intelligence.

6. Which goalie will have the best catch percentage?

Richi: My guess is Vasili Koschechkin. Metallurg has a good defense, and Koschechkin has had sackable stats at international tournaments since 2015 (as the Russian Nati's goalie at the World Cup and Olympics).

Jannik: I'm thinking of Simon Hrubec from the Czechs. 93.4% of all shots on his box are parried, on average there is only 1.83 goals conceded per game. An important reason why Trinec holds the first place in the Extraliga.

7. In which game are there the most goals?

Jannik: I bet on the Ice Tigers against Team Canada. Starting woes and goaltending problems on the Maple Leafs side and the wonder package that is Nuremberg move me to this pick.

Richi: Hm, good question. The last years were always games with Canadian, Russian or Swiss participation the goal richest. That's why I'm betting on the classic on the opening day HCD vs. Team Canada.

8. What will be the surprise of the tournament?

Richi: Maybe not at the tournament, but I think the HCD will announce a new foreign player right after the final game. The quintet Lindback, Nygren, Lindback, Rodin and Sandell has been anything but convincing so far, so I would venture a guess that Davos will announce a hammer transfer like Kevin Bieksa or Dominic Moore from Team Canada.

Jannik: I also make a daring prediction. Vitolins doesn't like the inconsistent Swede in goal and lets Lindback warm up Bankli. No ice time for the 1.98 Meter Giants!

9. How many games will go into overtime?

Jannik: All good things come in threes…therefore three…why not??

Richi: Not very many. In the last six years, a total of only eight games went into overtime. I think also this year there will be maximum two games that need an overtime.

10. How many goals will there be in total?

Richi: The Spengler Cup is usually a high scoring tournament. I think also this year the red lantern will light up more than average. I bet on 72 goals in 11 games.

Jannik: Fitting to the marquee a number: 66 goals; so on average 6 goals per game will be scored.

Richi: So Jannik, let's see on New Year's Eve who guessed better. A case of beer is at stake.

Jannik: Ha! I'm already looking forward to you paying me the box to start 2019.

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