10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Audiences love seeing blossoming couples on TV and in movies. It is one of the most attractive aspects of tuning in, especially when the couple has a will-they/won't-they storyline that keeps fans guessing, like the relationship between Sam and Diane Thank you very much, or even Ross and Rachel in Friends.

Good relationships take time and effort; For these couples, they definitely took their time and had both setbacks and successes in their relationships as they navigated the path from friends to lovers. In Friends, Chandler and Monica's transition was sudden, but they handled it well and even enjoyed keeping their new relationship to themselves for a while. Couples who start out as friends all have great stories behind them, and the audience loves to see how the plot unfolds.

10 Ron& Kim (Kim possible)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Not only cross Jordan have many memorable episodes, but there was also a great couple in Bug and Lily. The two danced around their feelings for each other for a long time, though they always remained good friends. Lily almost married another man until she realized her feelings for Bug were too strong and she couldn't pull through. Even when she found out she was pregnant with her former fiance's child, Bug didn't leave her side and even happily took on the role of parent alongside Lily when their daughter was born. They were always there for each other and kind to each other, which led to a strong bond and a deep love.

8 Booth& Brennan (Bone)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Bones had crime-fighting duo Booth and Brennan at the top. Although Booth initially insisted that their relationship was purely professional, it was clear that it would eventually become something more. As the two got to know and trust each other, they built a friendship while solving crimes.

Audiences certainly wondered when the two would finally get together as the romantic tension between them grew. Booth tended to get jealous of Brennan's dates, and he was incredibly protective of her; likewise, she cared deeply for him and did everything she could to help him. Their partnership eventually became more personal than professional, leading to a joint family and their own piece of romantic paradise.

7 Tom& Hannah (Made of Honor)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

In rom-com Made of honor, Tom and Hannah take a winding road to find their happy ending. As Tom put it, when he accidentally went to bed with the wrong girl during their college years – that was Hannah – it turned out to be the right girl after all. Unfortunately, Tom didn't realize how he really felt about Hannah until she left for work in Scotland. When she returned, Tom was ready to tell her how he felt, only to learn that she was engaged to someone else. The two knew each other so well, and Tom's many mishaps leading up to Hannah's wedding led to the ending the two best friends wanted all along: to be together forever.

6 Chidi& Eleanor (The Good Place)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Although Chidi wasn't crazy about it, he agreed to teach Eleanor something about ethics The Good Place. She trusted him enough to tell him she wasn't who everyone thought she was. Of course, Chidi was incredibly uncomfortable and scared to keep their secret, but ultimately he would do anything for Eleanor and vice versa. They were always there listening to each other and helping each other get through the many trials of the "bad place". The audience loved watching them meet and then fall in love with each other, and their relationship is definitely a fan favorite.

5 Robbie& Julia (The Wedding Singer)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

The Wedding Singer is vying for the spot as the best movie by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore due to their portrayal as friends of lovers Robbie and Julia. The two definitely had a connection when they first met. They've been good friends from the start, and Julia was there for Robbie after his fiancee left him at the altar. While helping her plan her wedding to Glenn, the two bonded, laughed and got to know each other very well.

They both knew they were falling for each other over time and Robbie kept his feelings to himself out of respect for the fact that Julia was marrying someone else. However, after finding out how mean Glenn really was and deciding that he needed to tell Julia how he felt after learning that she felt the same way about him, Robbie wrote a beautiful love song for the love of his life, and the rest was history for these two.

4 David& Patrick (Schitts Creek)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

In Schitts Creek, it was David's sister Alexis who hinted that there might be something more between him and Patrick. As it turned out, Alexis had great instincts; Patrick and David were supposed to be. David helped Patrick embrace his sexuality, and Patrick helped David become more confident in both life and his business. They are not only business partners, but also life partners. Their friendship gave them a great foundation to build on, and David's kiss with Patrick was perfect timing, considering they were both ready for the next step. Their wedding was beautiful and fans love that they got their happy ending!

3 Bob& Abishola (Bob Heart's Abishola)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

In CBS' Bob Hearts Abishola, for Bob it was love at first sight. For Abishola not so much. Still, Bob was determined that he and Abishola would end up together, and he took every opportunity to show her how much he cared and wanted to give their relationship a chance. Still, Abishola insisted that going out for tea wasn't actually a date, and she even told Bob later that they couldn't be together.

Despite cultural differences and some ups and downs in their relationship, the two overcame their obstacles and married in a beautiful ceremony in Nigeria. The two are ready for the next chapter of their lives and are sure to have many more adventures to come!

2 hucksters& Monica (Friends)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Friends gave viewers two iconic couples: Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica. The latter couple got together during Ross' wedding to Emily in London, and the rest is history. They shared a good dynamic as friends, having known each other for years before taking the next step.

Although Monica was sad at first and just wanted to be with someone, it turned out that her connection with Chandler was deep and the best relationship she ever had – and the same was true for Chandler as well. They were a great team, had a beautiful wedding and adopted twins. In the last episode they started their next chapter in the suburbs and the audience couldn't have been happier for them.

1 Matt& Jenna (13 continues 30)

10 Best-friends-for-lovers couples in film and tv, ranking

Matt and Jenna were childhood best friends in the iconic Rome com 13 Continue 30; they even lived right next door to each other! Jenna's thirteenth birthday changed their relationship permanently, however, as she was horrified to learn that her 30-year-old self was no longer friends with Matt and they hadn't seen each other in years. Jenna wanted to change all that, and although they become friends again in the movie, Jenna learned the hard way that the past can't be changed and Matt marries someone else. Fortunately, Jenna soon returns to her 13-year-old self and immediately kisses Matt, leading to their happy ending where they get married and eat some Razzles.

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